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  • Bored to Death

    It was another ordinary day and Pedro Poindexter woke up, dreading the day of work ahead of him, especially since he knew he would be working overtime that evening. This was his first job, post college, so he was a little guilty for feeling so bored and complacent already.

    As he arrived at work and set himself up at his desk, he picked up a newspaper and silently read, “President Bans YelloH Bear Cartoon Due to Mockery in the Media”. “There’s already a mistake in the first line?” he asked himself. “This really is going to be a long day,” he thought, as he put down his much-needed espresso.
    After a day of being criticized by his boss, and teased by his coworkers, the night crept in and he was begrudgingly still at work, editing away. The tick of midnight shook him to his senses, that this ridiculous overtime was well and truly over. He headed down the elevator, but when the door opened what was supposed to be the entrance of floor one was something else. There was a darkened hallway, with faulty lights. The smell of dust and neglect invaded his nose, as he watched a poor moth squirm in a web by the ceiling light.

    All of a sudden, he heard the sound of glass shattering, followed by a gust of wind that rushed down the hallway and met him with a cold grip. He double-checked the button to see which floor he has pressed, but it was floor one after all. He was still in shock, when on the other end of the hallway, a looming shadow emerged from the darkness. It resembled a chameleon, with a round head.

    “I must just be overtired and overworked, or perhaps there was something in that screwed-up coffee today”, Pedro convinced himself and closed his eyes for a moment. He soon dozed and when he awoke, he was jolted with the sudden realization that this was reality and he had to get home ASAP. With a press of a button, the door reluctantly opened inch by inch. To his terror, he was face to face with the throat of a beast.

    Above him, there was the fuel to anyone’s nightmares, hanging with its mouth wide open. It brandished its sharp, jagged teeth as luminous, drool dripped onto Pedro’s face in sickly yellow. Words couldn’t describe the foul odor that emanated from the depths of this figure. Pedro’s body went limp, but he knew he had to act fast. He motioned for the other side of the elevator, but the desperate, hollow eyes of the creature pierced his consciousness, and he was left stunned, unable to make another move.
    The creature’s mouth widened and it flung itself off the ceiling, from which it hung. It crawled, hauntingly, to the already petrified Pedro, ready to enjoy a succulent meal. In a flash, its thick tongue rolled out, like a snake ready to strike its prey. Rather, the tongue brushed Pedro’s right eyeball and began to swirl its tongue around it gently. Pedro didn’t even blink. It continued down Pedro’s face, into his throat, while the creature bit into his neck. Arms unfolded, from the beast, punching through Pedro’s eye-sockets and gouging his eyes out.

    The tongue slinked back out, with Pedro’s Adam’s apple as a trophy, before placing this prize into one of Pedro’s emptied eye sockets, as some kind of horrific replacement. Soon after, this monstrous entity swung down with its dagger-like claws, simultaneously slitting both Pedro’s wrists. Pedro’s skull was then crushed, between iron-strong knees, like a wall tumbling down brick by brick. And finally, with unnatural force, it ripped and teared through Pedro’s chest, breaking his ribs one by one, grabbing internal organs and tossing them aside.

    You might be waiting for a satisfactory ending to this tale, one where Pedro leaps to action and slays the wicked thing in some kind of heroic manner, but this is no fairy-tale account of this young man’s fate. Weirder still, every last remnant of Pedro was devoured and the gruesome scene was licked clean as if nothing had ever taken place.

    Did the creature return to the darkness of that vile floor? Well, one thing is for sure, be careful what you wish for. Is just another boring day at work really so bad?

  • Night of the Peppa Pig

    Disclaimer: This is based on the British cartoon, “Peppa Pig”, and we take no credit for the characters, etc. This is fan-fiction.

    On the night of Halloween, Peppa pig was going door-to-door trick-or-treating with her brother, George Piggington. They struck it lucky when one house handed out a whole bowl of M&M’s. How cool (but not as cool as penguins, of course, as they are the coolest creatures in the history of the universe)!

    By the time they had gotten home, it was already past midnight! As Peppa was so exhausted from the evening, she was lights out as soon as she got into bed. However, little George set his eyes upon the glorious mountain of M&M’s they had been blessed with that night. He swallowed them all in a matter of minutes! And he collapsed from sugar shock shortly after.

    George soon began the coolest dream in the history of the universe, all about hanging out with penguins. The next morning, Peppa was furious to find the empty bowl of M&M’s, all eaten by that fat, ill-bread Georgie shit! She ran to tell Mummy Pig all about this mischievous behavior. Next, George came too. Mummy Pig looked severely disappointed at Peppa, telling her that George is just a little shit. Daddy Pig agreed, as he put his newspaper down and gazed at Peppa with the same expression as Mummy Pig.

    That night, tears glistened in Peppa’s eyes, as she formed a great, devious strategy (not exactly as great as penguins though). She stole George’s beloved dinosaur and choked George with it, as the teeth of the dinosaur slowly severed his head. Daddy Pig was next. We all know how much he loves reading the newspaper, so what did she do? She secretly snuck into the living room and stole the newspaper. Then, she leaned over to Daddy pig and violently ended his life in the slowest, most torturous way –hundreds of paper cuts. As she did, she uttered, “You’re getting a little grumpy there …”, slowly slitting his throat until he was left in a puddle of his own blood. “I love jumping up and down in bloody puddles”, she exclaimed.

    So, there was only one victim left, Mummy Pig. Peppa pushed a shelf of Mummy’s favorite books over, just at the right moment. The shelf swung down upon Mummy Pig, squishing the spirit out of her instantly.

    All that could be heard now was the sound of Peppa Pig’s sick laughter, as she jumped playfully in her family’s blood. And that’s the story of how Peppa slaughtered her whole family one Halloween.

    Beware to never steal Peppa’s candy, or you’ll be slaughtered by your most precious belonging too, including penguins.

  • The Five Stone Men
    Oscar was a young adult just out of university. He had little money on his hands, especially since both his parents were very poor. One peaceful, ordinary night, Oscar had a dream.
    There was a mysterious voice telling him to go and dig for gold on an unknown island, at the location 20° N, 70° W. He woke up confused, but despite the questionable authenticity of his dream, he still decided to take a risk, to see if it was true.
    The next morning, Oscar went to the port, to board a ship that was going to take him there. On one side of the ship, there was a poem painted in red.
    5 little stone men digging for gold, one died,
    4 left.
    4 little stone men digging for gold, one died,
    3 left.
    3 little stone men digging for gold, one died,
    2 left.
    2 little stone men digging for gold, one died,
    1 left . . .
    Oscar was so frightened that he felt faint for a second because he learnt that there were five people (plus him) on the ship (a doctor, a lawyer, a married couple and himself). After days of floating on the wide open sea, they finally reached their destination. The warm, wet air hit him immediately. Oscar led the team and soon they set up their tents, fire and other crucial things.
    On the following day, Oscar discovered a tumbled-down, wooden house. Inside, were five, well-made little stone men. By now, Oscar had completely forgotten about the poem, so he took all the stone men and put them into his bag, except for one, which he accidentally hit on the corner of a table. It shattered. That same night, the lawyer died.
    The doctor sat on Oscar’s bag and broke another one. Soon, the wife of the loving couple died. The husband suddenly died as well, maybe because he was sad and depressed or maybe because another one had broken. Was there a curse? At that point, the doctor felt pretty strange, and before Oscar, he got on the ship and sailed away, where he would meet a huge tornado and thus die too, not managing to escape death.
    Since the ship was gone, Oscar embarked on his original mission, to search for gold! Of course, he carried, the last “surviving” stone man with him, so that he wouldn’t end up as the others did. He searched every corner of the island. It took years, but nothing was found. Oscar was so desperate and lost that he shot the last stone man . . .

  • “I have been kidnapped…”

    Hi, I’m Brynn, and this is my story…

    One day after school, I was sitting at the kitchen table, working on my calculus homework. I had my headphones in, listening to music. I was on my tenth problem, so I got up to take a small break and have a snack. When I finished my snack, I got back to my homework. I sat down and started working on my eleventh problem.

    That’s the last thing I remember doing before I was knocked out.

    I woke up in a room, a very dark room. I was stripped out of my clothes, just left in my undergarments. I was strapped to a chair. I looked around, and I saw a table with many different weapons scattered across it. I got scared, “what is going to happen to me?” I thought to myself. I heard a noise, and I looked in the direction where it came from.

    Then, I saw him.

    He looked inhuman. It didn’t look like a man, it just looked like a… thing.

    The “thing” was very ugly. It looked very old, it had long, gray hair. It had only one eye, the spot where the other eye was supposed to be was just a bloodied hole. It was wearing a ripped white shirt, with patches of blood all over it. I was horrified.

    “Who are you? Why am I here? Please let me go!” I yelled.

    The thing just smiled. A creepy, crooked-toothed smile. It slowly started walking over to me.

    “Ha ha ha. Your a perfect target, princess. Your so beautiful.” it said to me. I didn’t like that at all.

    “DON’T CALL ME THAT!” I yelled at him. It frowned, and got angry. I got nervous, it looked very intimidating when it was angry. It walked towards me faster.

    “No! I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me! Please!” I begged. But, it wasn’t listening to me, my begging only made it angrier.

    It walked over and grabbed me by my neck, I couldn’t breathe. I was wheezing and gasping for air. I grabbed its rough hand and started squeezing it. I was slowly going out of consciousness. It got in my face and started screaming at me.

    “You listen here you little bitch! You go by MY rules, and you do everything I say! Did I make myself clear?” He screamed, he finally let go of my neck so I could respond.

    “Yes sir!” I responded, I didn’t want him to hurt me. “Well now at least I know he’s human.” I thought.

    “Now, lets get to know each other a little bit better.”

    “Okay.” I responded. “Oh god, please don’t let this be what I think this is.” I thought. I really didn’t want to do that with him.

    “So, what is your name?” he asked me.

    “Brynn.” I bluntly said.

    “A pretty name for a pretty little lady.” he said, with a smirk on his face.

    I cringed, that made me extremely uncomfortable. But, I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want him to hurt me again.

    “Yeah aha. What’s yours?” I said, trying to stay calm and not have a panic attack on the spot. He noticed, because he said “princess, I know your scared, but I think your my favorite out of all six of the girls I have. So you don’t need to worry about anything. But if you be a bad girl, there will be consequences.” He explained to me. “SIX GIRLS?!?” I thought.

    “O-Okay” I said.

    “But, my name is George.”

    “Okay.” I said. “God, please let me out of here!” I thought.

    “How old are you?” George asked me.

    “I’m 18.” I told him. I really don’t want to tell this guy anything else.

    “Ooh. The young ones, my favorite.” He leaned over to touch me.

    “Do not touch me!” I yelled at him.

    George got up from his chair. He walked over and crouched down in-front of me.

    “Don’t talk to me like that!” He yelled. He slapped me, really hard. I felt my cheek, and it stung when I touched it. I started crying.

    “I’m sorry!” I said to him, damn he slapped hard.

    “I told you there would be consequences, Brynn.”

    George took me to a bedroom. He laid me down on a bed. “It’s time for bed Brynn. Go to sleep.” George said.

    “Okay.” I said. I drifted off into an uneasy sleep. That bed was very uncomfortable.

    He woke me up, and fed me stale bread. It was gross, but it was better then starving to death. “He probably poisoned this bread.” I thought, but didn’t say it out loud.

    Then, he started hurting me. He hit me, kicked me, and did disgusting things to me. “Please stop!” I cried, but that made it worse. “Shut up!” he yelled. After what felt like an eternity, he stopped. This went on everyday, it was torture.

    A year passed. George finally trusted me enough to let me play on his phone.

    “I’m going to the grocery store. I’ll be back in about an hour. Call anybody and you’ll regret it. You hear?” He said.

    “Yes sir.” I said. He had no idea what my plan was.

    Once he left, I searched the house to find the other girls. I found three of them. “Girl’s its okay! He left!” I yelled. They came out, and they looked terrible. They had bruises, cuts, and they looked like they were in so much pain. “George let me borrow his phone while he was gone. I’m going to call the police, okay?” I said. They all nodded and stared at me with pitiful eyes.

    “911 whats your emergency?”

    “Please help us. Me and three other girls have been abducted.”

    “Okay, is the abductor around you?

    “No, he left.”

    “Okay, what is your address?”

    “We don’t know. It’s an white abandoned house in a rural area. We are very scared. Please help us.”

    “It will be okay girls. We have traced your address. We are sending a few police to your location, they will be there in about fifteen minutes.”

    “Thank you so much, please hurry. I don’t know how much time we have left.

    “It’s okay, just stay calm. The police will be to your location in about 5 minutes. Just stay on the line until they get here.”

    “Okay. Thank you so much.”

    “Your welcome honey.”

    *Five minutes pass*

    “Police, open up!”

    The other girls and I run over to open the door. We open it and 5 policemen come barreling through the door, nearly knocking us over. The policemen searched the house, and found the dead bodies of the other three girls.

    After the search, the police interrogated us and asked us if we knew anything about the man. None of us knew him. They asked us a few more questions, and brought us all safely home.

    I never stayed home alone after that. Wait, who’s at my door?

  • “I can see stains on people that nobody else can see”

    By: DarkDevil085

    The first time it happened was in school. During fourth-period English. Ms. Callman arrived to class, late as usual, carrying her signature leather bag. She bent down to put it on the floor, and took her seat, before looking back up to the class. I did a double take when I saw her face. She had a great big stain splashed across her head. It was some kind of dark brown…coppery-colored blotch dried onto her temple. She went about taking out her books as if she didn’t have some sort of curry stain or something crusted onto her forehead.

    I went from amused to worried when I looked around to see literally nobody else reacting to it either. I leaned over to the guy sitting next to me.

    “Hey dude”, I said. “Are you seeing this?”

    “Seeing what?”

    “The…thing on her face, man”, I chuckled. He stared back at me as if I had three heads. Realizing that clearly no-one else could see what I saw, I dropped it.

    I went home, freaking out slightly. Maybe it was a trick of the light? Or some kind of optical thing? But it stayed there on her face throughout the whole class.

    The next day, I returned to school, only to be called into an assembly with the entire student and staff population. The principal came out to break the news to us. Ms. Callman had committed suicide the previous night. It wasn’t until later, when I heard that the cause of death was a gunshot to the head did I really start to panic. We were sent home for the rest of the day and I walked out of school with a cold, sick feeling in my stomach.

    Eventually, my parents came home and just as I was starting to put all of that out of my head, my dad walked through the door. He stumbled back when I let out an involuntary scream of terror. Mom and Dad just stared at me.

    Covering the entire front of his overalls was a large, deep red stain smeared across his stomach and torso. I could tell by their reactions that neither of them could see it either. I immediately ran to my room, with my parents close behind.

    Panicked, they asked me what was going on. I just pointed at Dad’s overalls. He looked down.

    “What is it?”, he asked. He rubbed his hand over the stain as if it wasn’t there. I just kept gawking in terror.

    “Maybe we should call a doctor”, my mom said.

    “How about we just let you get a good night’s rest, buddy”, Dad told me reassuringly.

    I didn’t sleep the entire night. When morning finally came, I begged Dad not to go to work but of course he still went. Mom booked an appointment with our doctor before heading off to work also. I stayed home from school and between fits of sweaty anxiety, I would call Dad’s cellphone constantly to check in on him.

    The day crawled by and eventually Mom arrived in the door.

    “Dad must be working late”, she said. I immediately called his cell….with no answer.

    A little while later, from the kitchen, I heard Mom take a phone call. Before she’d even said hello, my blood was already running cold and I was already crying.

    A few seconds later, she was sobbing even harder than I was. I didn’t bother going into the kitchen.

    It was a freak accident. He was working on a car at the garage when something went wrong…the car had collapsed and crushed him.

    The following days and the funeral were like a nightmarish fever dream. Everything went by in slow motion. I felt limp and numb.

    Once home from the funeral, I went to the bathroom. And then I saw it. As I washed my hands and looked up into the mirror, there it was.

    A big, red stain tracking all the way around my neck. Sobbing in horror for what felt like the millionth time, I stumbled downstairs to Mom, who was curled up in an armchair, sniffling. I tried explaining. But how could I?

    “Please stop this”, Mom asked, crying. “You’re just confused.”

    “Mom, please…”

    “Please stop”, she begged.

    “It’s going to happen to me…”, I cried.

    “STOP!”, she sobbed.

    This was last night. As I write this, the stain is still there. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen next but I’ve made arrangements for my aunt to come take care of my mom once I’m gone.

    In any case, I write this account in the hopes that it may help some of you out there. If you begin to see stains on people that no-one else can….warn them before it’s too late.

  • I worked hard on this :) this is something I’ve always thought about . Lmk if you like it!!

    Have you ever thought about how the government & area 51 is always silent and you never hear anything about them? Yeah that’s what I’m here to talk to you about. I’m here to tell you what I think about them. These are all different topics each one is labeled. Enjoy.


    See people don’t just wake up one day and decide they want to shoot up a building or a school or just go crazy and kill people. It’s the government. That’s what I think. I’m pretty sure that the government somehow convinces people to do so. Don’t you find it weird that they all either commit suicide or just are never found? And the fact that we have so much food to go around? We can’t really have that much food unless the population keeps getting smaller. See the government sends out people to kill as many people as they can. And it’s ALWAYS in a crowded area. They then hide the murderer and do some weird tests on them or have them kill themselves. Who know they probably even get into the murderers head and control them.


    Doesn’t anyone else find it weird how we all catch glimpses of animals that aren’t supposed to exist or just animals that are supposedly dead? And its even more suspicious how its only once & right after that its pure fakes. Like instantly right when u spot a living creature that’s not supposed to be here and all of a sudden the internet gets flooded by hoax & most of the time u never know who the fake is. All those dragons & sea creatures & just in general anything that’s not supposed to exist, I believe its real. Why? Because think about it, It’s a really strange world. Look at everything that exists and don’t tell me it isn’t possible. I believe the government & area 51 hides them all. I believe they experiment on humans and give them “superpowers” and I also believe they bring back the “extinct” and “mythical” creatures. I believe. Do you?


    I also believe in the paranormal. I am more than sure that it has something to do with area 51. I believe in aliens & all. Area 51 hides absolutely EVERYTHING. And why? Because the world wouldn’t be able to handle what’s behind those doors. They know what they do. They know what I say is true; they just don’t admit it because they want to take over the world before they do it. They want to control all of us and the first step is too take the paranormal & use it against us. All those scary creatures.. They’re real. All those animals that “don’t exist” they’re real too. Pretty much anything we shouldn’t believe in is real. The government and area 51 just cant ley us know. Can’t you see? They made a portal, they travel in time, they bring back people, and they bring demons and all with them. You just don’t believe it… yet….


    Like I said, I believe in it all, I know what’s behind those doors. I know its all true. I know robots might take over the world one day, I know everything is getting smarter & more advanced which is making up even more stupid & that there is the reason we don’t believe. We don’t believe cause of all the advanced technology that makes you take fake pictures & Photoshop thing, We believe the evidence is fake because the technology is taking over, but of you just take a closer look you’ll see its real, you’ll finally believe. You will soon learn the secrets, I know all those creatures & animals are out there hiding, I know there’s paranormal in this world, I know we have a horrible way of controlling the population, I know there’s things out there, things we wont be able to see until they take us over, Things we will finally believe in when its too late..


  • Okay, sorry for spamming but I have a question – if your story gets posted, do you get a notification or something? Or do you find out another way?

  • Btw, on my “Middle School Massacre” story I want to make some adjustments. If you read it, you might notice some mistakes… :/

    1. When it said “Bye Audrey! Love you!” I yell, I meant to say “Bye Audrey! Love you!” mom yelled.

    2. I meant to say our instead of out – “when we finish our schoolwork” instead of “when we finish out schoolwork”.

    3. When I said “I freeze and run to Cassidy.”, I meant that the girl froze in her tracks for a second and then she ran over to her best friend. Sorry if that didn’t make much sense, lol.

    4. I meant to say “Mrs. Taylor, didn’t you lock the door?” instead of “Ms. Taylor, didn’ you lock the door?”

    5. When it said “we grabbed her hand a dragged her out of the classroom.”, I meant to type “we grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the classroom.”

    Just wanted to make this comment :3

  • The Middle School Massacre… (this has a very, very long introduction and a long story so sit back and relax! :))

    Only 2 months until the last day of school! June 8th, one of the best days of my life. My alarm keeps beeping, ugh shut up stupid alarm! Okay, now that it’s off, I can get out of bed. Time to change into my outfit! I’m wearing my Simply Southern shirt with my blue jeans and hightop Converse. I’m gonna go brush my teeth. Ah, much better. Mint breath instead of stinky breath, am I right? I pull my long strawberry blond hair into a high ponytail, eat breakfast, and gather my school things. “Bye Audrey! Love you!” I yell from the hallway, where I get my shoes on. “Bye Mom! I love you too!” Then I head out the door.

    Ugh, I hate the bus. I ride it with my BFF, Cassidy. That’s the only reason I like to ride the bus. We are so close, she’s like a sister to me. Hmm, where is she? I hear someone call my name. I turn around a see Cassidy waving at me with a huge smile. “Hey! Come here!” she calls over the loud talking of the other students. “Okay, I’m coming!” I yell back, hoping she hears me. We greet each other and get on the stinky, crowded bus. “Omg, did you hear that Hudson and Jessalyn broke up?” That caught me off guard. They were like the most loving and popular couple in school. “Really?! I would have never thought that.” We chat away until we get to school. We arrive and get off the bus. Our first period is Advanced Language Arts. Our teachers’ name is Mr. Harrison, he’s a real grouch. No one likes him except Ms. Goody Two Shoes, Miranda. She always likes to do stuff for him, it makes me sick. Shes always like: “I can do this, Mr. Harrison!” or “I can do that, Mr. Harrison!” She always gets bullied for it.

    All of Cassidy and I’s periods are the same except second-period. She has Spanish and I have French. “See you at third period, Audrey!” she says as she walks to her class. “Okay, you too!” I say back, just as shes at the door. She flashes me a big, toothy smile as she walks in the door. I smile back, walking to my classroom door.

    The second-period ends and the third period starts. We both have Science class and our teacher is Mr. Owen. He’s well, a little uh…how do I put this. CREEPY AS HELL. I’ll be doing my school work and I look up and he’ll just be grinning at me.
    Even if you look at him, he doesn’t break his gaze. It gives me goosebumps. I dunno, he just gives me a creepy vibe. My bestie even thinks it too, you can even ask her.

    The third period passes by, and finally its lunch time! I packed Chicken Noodle soup in my thermos, a few sugar cookies, some red, juicy strawberries, and Ritz crackers. Yum! Cassidy has a bagel, Goldfish, chocolate chip cookies, and a green, juicy apple. Other kids got the nasty school lunch. Cassidy and I eat out lunch and chat away (again) until lunch is over. At the last 2 minutes of lunch, everyone has to be silent and finish up their lunch. Cassidy and I circumvent the rules, though. We use sign language instead of words at the last 2 minutes.

    Now is our fourth period, math. We have Mrs. Taylor. She is like, the nicest teacher who has ever existed. She lets us play games on the computers, go on our phones when we finish out school work and draw things on the Promethean board. It was a normal day in Mrs. Taylor’s class. We were doing our schoolwork when we heard something that made us shudder…

    I freeze and run to Cassidy.

    Mrs. Taylor runs to the door to make sure it is securely locked. She puts the colorful flap over the small window on the door and turns off the lights. Cassidy and I huddle together and hold each other close, we are praying this intruder goes away. We hear loud footsteps coming towards the hallway, the crazy man is rattling all of the door handles. The footsteps stop and I breathe a sigh of relief until I realize the footsteps stop right in front of our door. He rattles the door handle and bangs on the door. I let out a cry and Cassidy says “shhh” very soothing to me, which calmed me down a little bit. “I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!!!” he screams. By now all of the girls are crying and their boyfriends are holding them in their arms and calming them down. I don’t have a boyfriend, so Cassidy is who I have to soothe me.

    We have a room called where kids go if they’re being too distracting. It’s in a little part of the classroom, so we all go in there. We all are calmer until we hear the door open. “Mrs. Taylor didn’ you lock the door?!” Adam whispered. “Yes, I did. We have to be very quiet. Don’t make a SOUND.” We all nod our heads.

    Then, he bursts open the door of the room we’re hiding in. We are too stunned to move until finally: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” we all scream. The man is about 6’3 and has a giant machete in his hand. His legs are spread a little bit apart so Cassidy and I squeeze through and run for help. We hold hands as we sprint down the hallway. The office ladies are all slaughtered except Mrs. Crowder, who tries to stop Cassidy and I from running but we don’t stop. We run out the school and to the bus, which is where I left my phone. I call the cops and talk to them for a few minutes. We walk back into the school and tip-toe back into the classroom, hoping the crazed man isn’t at the door. We walk quietly to where we were hiding. Cassidy and I stop, and we cannot move. We see most of our wonderful classmates slaughtered and are laying slumped on the floor. Some are clinging to life. Mrs. Taylor is missing some of her fingers but she is still okay. We grab her hand a drag her out of the room. She drives us to my house and then she drives to her house.

    Cassidy and I walk into my house and I run up to my mom and squeeze her tight. She said the school called and she started freaking out. She drove Cassidy and I to Target to take our minds off of the situation. Thankfully, we’re calm and happy by the time we get back home.

    We get home and are chilling out in my room. Cassidy and I are watching funny videos on my computer. My mom is in the shower, probably washing her hair.

    I hear a loud knock on the door. “Hmm, that knock sounds familiar…” I open the door and I’ve gotten hit in the head. The last thing I saw was Cassidy kicking and punching the man with all of her might before everything went black…

    So, I wake up in a hospital bed with Cassidy and my mom standing over me. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay!” I smile and the nurse walks in and I scream. “ITS HIM! ITS HIM!” He grins and injects me with some slimy green stuff and everything went black again. Like last time, I was hoping I would wake up.

    This time I didn’t.
    (I really hope you enjoyed my story! It took about 2 hours. Hopefully it’s good enough to be posted on this website! Thanks for reading!

  • The Monster In the Mirror

    It’s midnight. Even after taking sleeping pills, I feel wide awake. The house is quiet, too quiet. All I can hear are the chirping crickets and my own breath. I get out of bed and pour myself a glass of water. It doesn’t help. I feel like someone is watching my every move. I’ve felt like this after putting a mirror in my room. I had told my parents that something is watching me, but they didn’t believe me. I know what I saw. Every time I looked at that mirror, a person was staring back at me with a crazed look in their eyes. I go to my parents room and ask to sleep with them tonight. They ignore me, like they have been for the past two weeks. One week after I told them about the person staring at me, they called me crazy and said I needed to go to an asylum. I was enraged. They wouldn’t believe what their child was saying. At night, i saw the person in the mirror again. This time they were holding a knife and heading to my parents room. Very soon I could hear the bloodcurdling screams and pitiful pleas of my parents, followed by the sight of blood, then silence. I woke up the next morning, and I had blood all over me. My parents are still sleeping and ignoring me. They’ll never talk to me ever again. The house started to smell after a while. It was the smell of something rotting and decomposing. I can’t seem to get rid of that awful stench no matter what I do. My parents haven’t been out of their rooms for a long time. I got back and looked into the mirror. This time, that person is holding a knife to their neck, slowly slitting it then suddenly stabbing themself. My stomach hurts and it’s suddenly bleeding. Why is there a knife inside of me? I always knew the person in the mirror was evil. They even killed me along with my parents. I took one last look at the mirror. I see myself lay motionlessy on the ground; heavily bleeding. Then darkness.

    (Thanks for taking the time to read this)

  • Under the Bed
    I begin tucking my son into bed and he tells me, “Check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him–another him–under the bed, staring back at me and quivering. He whispered to me, “There’s somebody on my bed.”

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