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Antique Phone

Antique Phone

The Antique Phone is a story written by a user on this website named writer123. It’s about an old woman who collects antiques and finds an old vintage telephone in a shop.

Antique Phone

Martha Lipton was an elderly woman who lived in the big, old house that she grew up in. After the death of her beloved husband, Martha became introverted and rarely ventured outside. The only times that she left her house were to pick up groceries and to visit the local antique shop.

Martha kept a large collection of antiques in her house. She had collected so many, she barely had enough room to keep them all. One day, Martha was browsing through the antique store when she came across an old antique phone. It was made of wood and metal and had two round brass bells and a thin, black receiver.

“How much is this phone?” asked Martha as she pointed it out to the cashier.

“Oh, that old thing’s been here for years,” said the cashier, looking up from her magazine. “I’ll probably never get rid of it. You can have it for free.”

Quickly, Martha took the phone home and put it on display on a table by her living room sofa. That night, Martha was sitting in the living room, watching TV, when she heard her phone start ringing. She went into answer it, but when she got to the phone in the kitchen, she realized it wasn’t ringing. She went back to the living room and was shocked when she saw that it was the antique phone that was ringing.

“I don’t remember plugging that in,” Martha muttered to herself.

She decided it was her bad memory and answered the phone.

“Free us…” A chilling voice on the other line said.

“Who is this?” Martha asked.

But the person hung up the phone. Martha dismissed the call as a prank and went to bed. The next day, Martha was eating breakfast when her antique phone rang again.

“Free us now…” The same voice said.

“Who is this? Is this some kind of a joke?” Martha asked.

Once again, the caller hung up. Martha began getting frightened, but she decided to ignore the calls and hope they would stop. Throughout the day, the phone kept ringing and ringing, but Martha ignored it, knowing it would be from the same creepy caller. At 6:00, Martha went out to get groceries, and was relieved to have a reason to leave the house. But when she returned, she found the phone was still ringing.

Frustrated, Martha dropped her bags, picked up the phone, and shouted, “Listen here, jerk! Stop calling or I’ll call the-”

But then she saw something that made her stop. The phone’s cord was not plugged into the wall. Slowly, Martha hung up the phone.

Then, from behind her, Martha heard the voice shouting, “I SAID FREE US NOW!!!!!”

When Martha turned around, she saw all her antique items lined up in rows behind her. Terrified, Martha started a fire in her fireplace and burnt all her antique items. After that, Martha never again bought another antique.

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