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We Need to Talk About Lucy

We Need to Talk About Lucy

We Need To Talk About Lucy is a scary text story about the parents of a strange 6 year old girl. The story is told in the form of a chat conversation.

We Need to Talk About Lucy

Steve: Liz, where are you?

Liz: I just got home… Why?

Steve: Listen to me
Steve: You need to get out of the house NOW

Liz: What?
Liz: What’s going on?

Steve: It’s not safe. There’s no time to explain.

Liz: But what about Lucy?

Steve: Leave her
Steve: Don’t look for her, don’t go near her

Liz: Steve, you’re scaring me
Liz: Please tell me what’s going on

Steve: There’s no time, Liz
Steve: Are you still in the house?

Liz: Of course I am
Liz: Why are you acting so crazy?

Steve: Please just do what I say
Steve: You need to hide NOW!

Liz: Hide? Hide from who?!?

Steve: From Lucy!
Steve: Something happened. She’s dangerous

Liz: Dangerous?
Liz: But she’s six years old…

Steve: We always knew something wasn’t right

Liz: But she’s our little girl

Steve: We don’t know where she came from…
Steve: We don’t know anything about her!

Liz: I know this past year has been hard…

Steve: Hard? Liz, she killed our dog!

Liz: It was an accident

Steve: Really? You believe that was an accident?

Liz: I believe Lucy

Steve: The woman at the orphanage was acting strangely that day
Steve: You must have noticed that at least

Liz: I guess.. I don’t know Steve

Steve: Please, Liz! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!
Steve: Stop texting me.
Steve: You need to leave. NOW!

Liz: I don’t understand…
Liz: Where is Lucy?

Steve: She’s there with you
Steve: Somewhere in the house
Steve: The babysitter called me
Steve: She said Lucy’s eyes looked funny this morning

Liz: Funny how?

Steve: Her eyes had turned completely black

Liz: Is she okay?
Liz: What if she needs us?

Steve: What she needs, Liz, is a priest!!!
Steve: Someone who knows how to deal with this!

Liz: Deal with what? You’re not telling me anything!

Steve: The babysitter said she was acting strange
Steve: Stranger than usual
Steve: When she tried to look at her eyes, Lucy started screaming
Steve: She screamed until she threw up

Liz: She must be sick

Steve: She threw up a bird, Liz
Steve: The remains of a dead baby bird

Liz: Sorry, what?

Steve: A dead baby bird. It came out of her mouth.

Liz: OMG

Steve: The babysitter called me and told she was going to leave
Steve: That Lucy was scaring her

Liz: So she left?
Liz: Why is her car still in the driveway?

Steve: The paramedics found her around the corner from our house Steve: With stab wounds all over her body
Steve: I don’t know how she did it but she managed to call 911 for help
Steve: They asked her who did this to her
Steve: She told them it was Lucy!
Steve: Liz, this is why you need to leave right now!!

Liz: Steve…
Liz: The doors, the windows…
Liz: They’re all locked!
Liz: I can’t open them!

Steve: What?
Steve: What do you mean? How is that possible?

Liz: It’s like they’ve been jammed shut

Steve: OMG
Steve: You need to hide!
Steve: I’m almost home
Steve: I’m two blocks away
Steve: Hide somewhere she can’t get to
Steve: Try the attic

Liz: I’m scared, please hurry!

Steve: I’m almost there
Steve: Coming in through the garage
Steve: Going to use an axe to break the door down

Liz: OK I’ll be nearby
Liz: Steve?
Liz: Did you find the axe?
Liz: It should be in the corner
Liz: Where the gardening tools are
Liz: Steve?
Liz: Steve where are you?
Liz: Honestly, Steve! Hurry, please.
Liz: Hello?

Steve: hello mommy

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