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  • I love scary stories and urban legend and above all SKF. Three cheers for SKF stories.

  • This came to my head because a comment “Give me a Big Mac, Supersize my Fries, why you staring at me, go get my Apple Pie! Give me a Diet Coke, to wash it all down.” Lol!

  • THE FIRST PICTURE : LADY ORDERING MACDONALDS , “I’ll have a big mac, small fries and a milkshake ”



  • I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! But for some reason, I like reading Shingeki no Kyojin fan fictions more lol. I spend like…7 hours a day surfing through this website, tbh, I’ve almost read everything here. >.<

  • Is it bad that this-a website called ‘scaryforkids’, has become my comfort website?

  • no one listens :( thats it!No one listens!Here we go…….one day there was a girl she would always write storys but no one ever listened she wonderd why she went to the libary they had all the books in the worled even germen!She asked for the tree they said they did not have it what she said she maid the book hmmmm (lady)hmmm) lets go check they searched left and right but they could not find nothin so the girl left she went to the stasion to see if it went through it had been stopped by eguesudo geaswtardo she asked her frienda at school about it they said do u mean the lady who died in the station she had been murderd (what!)Ya its true!Well when she went to bed she herd creaking she went down stairs to see what it was she did not see no one all of a sudden the house burned cault on fire and now she haunts the house and each time they burn burn burn BURN!!!!!!

  • listen in the 1920 era there was a man and woman set to get married in the chapel in stillwater oklahoma she felt suspicious about her very attractive sister and her fiance cheating on each on her. the bride was very very curious so she questioned her fiance about it.he said nothing. She got very angry with him so on the wedding day she was at the altar, he didn’t show up.she wondered but she didn’t say anything she just sat there and the end of the wedding everyone was starting to leave he still didn’t show up. she started to cry. she rushed out of the Chapel and ran to her sisters house. she realized that her door was standing open curious she entered,she walked to her sister’s bedroom and realized that her fiance and her were laying there sleeping. she looked at her fiance’s hand and realize that he had a wedding band on his left hand. she also looked at her sister hand.a 24 carat diamond ring. disgusted she ran out of her sister’s bedroom and into her backyard. she walked to her tool shed and she grabbed her sister’s axe.she ran with the axe back to her sister’s room. she walked closer and closer to them, and she hacked off her sisters head. her fiance realized what had happened and woke up. he stopped mid sentence saying “what are you -“before he could finish the sentence he was saying ,she hacked off his head also. she dropped the axe and realized her wedding gown was stained red.she picked up a cheese knife from their cheese tray and cut her wrists until she bled to this day some people in Stillwater Oklahoma see her inside the chapel and she lures a handsome man in the chapel with soft sobs. If he tries to comfort her she will be happy. if you are rude she will kill you. if you bring a girl with you she will be confused and nothing will happen.
    (This story is fake but there was a murder similar to this one in another state it is called the axe murder.)

  • LISTEN! there is a story about a girl named ashley. listen! one day she was walking down a road and she saw a rabbit she followed it to a hole it was scary looken and she saw somthing she saw a shadow it did not look human it started walking torwords her.she was terrified she peed in her pants she said AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! then she ran away when she was in bed that night and she heard somthing it souned like a growl like a ghost, it souned like it was coming from her closet she opend the closet door and……..BOO!

  • plz plz plz listen.the password:there was a girl her name was grace she lived in londan she was she wanted to get in account all there was was a password she tipe in a password she enterd it said anivailibal must put 13asu7gr90hj she thought that was odd but she really wanted account so she tiped in 13asu7gr90hj and enterd it said comfirm she used account all the time one day she heard a knok at the door KNOCK KNOCK!she went to go answer the door she opend the door and she say a girl it looked just like her it was kreepy the girl said hi im ur sister i died along time ago what?ya grace slamed the door and locked every thing that night she went to bed she woke up cause she hurd scratch scratch then she kept hearing it scratch scratch scratch scratch she looked at the window it was her sister all of a sudden she saw a horrifying face she started screaming but that was a mustake she screamed so loud the window busted open and…….BOO!!

  • MUST LISTEN SCARYEST YET!!! look at me!hi my name is emily i live in room 102 i saw that somone wanted to add me i accsepted he started talking. stranger:hi you:hi stranger:were u live? you:how old? stranger:16 you:OMG!!ME TO!!!stranger:so wereyou live? you:new york may street may lope room 102stranger:cool me too i live right next to you room 101you:well comeon over! stranger: k 5 min later you here? ive been here uh were are you behind you what is this a joke? stranger:wow! you wow what? stranger:i want your body you:WTF!who are u stay away from me! so i deleted and went to bed i woke up by a smell somone was breathing over me there breath smelled when i opened my eyes BOO!hop u like it!!!XD


  • LISTEN TO THIS:BANG BANG!my name is emily i live in texes i lived in a barn i was 10 years old i live with my mom and dad and my two sisters the little one was named leassa and big sister is named carmen im the middle sister one night i was in bed when i heard BANG BANG!i just ignored cause i was sleepy welli kept hearing BANG BANG!BANG BANG!i finilly gave in and went to go see and when i opened the door there was nothing i called out and said ITS TO LATE TO BE PLAYING DING DONG DITCH!and i slammed the door cause i was really mad and i went upstairs and went to bed then i heard a BANG BANG on my bedroom door it was locked i was to scard to answer the door it went on then finilly it stoped i dissided to check i unlocked the door and opend it i sawnothing i went back to bed i woke up again of heavy breathing when i opend my eyes boo! i hoped you liked it by!!!!!!:)

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