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  • What about the 6th clinic? Its a hospital where you can gain anything but you age quickly then you die

  • SFK where the hell is Aaron devilborn on this list.I think you people don’t know about him.Let me tell you about him.In 1666 there was a young teenage boy called Aaron Lawrence of 15 years who lived in texas.He never received any love from his parents or friends.He was very kind hearted and always helped people even the people who hated him.He was bullied regularly and he came home bruised.He never had any grudge with the boys and although his parebts hated him he always cared for them.One day he met a beautiful girl and he fell in love with her.He went to her and before he could speak anythingShe told him to come to her house at night.He agreed and left.At night he came to her house and saw that the house was very old and dilipated.He saw the girl waiting for him outside.He walked upto her entered her house.She told him”I have been waiting for you Aaron and I know everything about you”.Aaron was surprised and asked her how come she knew his name.She replied”You don’t even know everything about yourself.Your real name is is not Aaron lawrence but Aaron devilborn because your parents are not your real parents.Your father is the devil himself .Next part is just to gory and grotesque so I cant write it sorry

  • For everyone who looked at my stories and/or followed me on Wattpad, thanks soooo much. Really, it means a lot!!! 😜

  • Guys I really wanna read purple mirror but I’m really scared because it says if you remember this phrase when your 20 years old you will die. I have a great memory of scary things for some reason. So has anyone read it when they were a child and now they’re 20 years old and they didn’t die?

  • Did you know if you go into the bathroom at 3:00am, put your finger on the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times, your mom will tell you to shut up and go to bed?

  • SFK you should make stories like “Bloody Mary”. I love your stories! (Some are not even enough to scare a little kid though :P). Bring in more scary stories! :3

  • SFK should make Phillipines ghost stories/urban legends! I love Phillipines ghost stories and urban legends! I once read about their ghosts and some of them are quite scary! Please make PHILLIPINES!

  • It’s a house in Philadelphia. Each floor is scarier than the last. You pay and sign a waiver to get in. If you make it to the 13th floor, you could get a full refund, an extravagant prize, or you are trapped there. The stories vary. But very few have made it to the 13th floor, and those that have come back can’t even talk about it with out suffering a mental breakdown. Even more alarming, no one knows where this building is! It doesn’t exist. Yet, people somehow visit it every year.

    Honestly, there is a two story house in my neighborhood that freaks me out. Why would I want to find this place? But it was interesting to find all this info on the 13th floor legend.

  • Read all of them a long while ago. Carmen Winstead was one of my faves. Can you post new Korean urban legends?

  • Some stupid kid @ my school decided to tell these stories to the little grade 1s going there.Poor Kids were traumatized

  • Just made an account after reading this awesome site for 3 years :) keeps gettin scarier:-)

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