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Indonesian Ghosts

Indonesian Ghosts

Scary Indonesian Ghost stories. Indonesia has a rich and colorful folklore, like Japan, and these Indonesian ghosts are some of the weirdest spirits you will ever encounter.

1. Kuntilanak


A Kuntilanak is the ghost of a pregnant woman who died before her baby was born. She appears as a woman with a pale face and long black hair. She is usually wearing a long white gown. Sometimes she will disguise herself as a beautiful woman to lure men into her clutches and suck their blood.

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2. Pocong


A Pocong is the ghost of someone who has died and been buried. They return from the grave, wrapped in their burial shroud. They have a green face with hollow eye sockets, because their eyeballs have rotted away. The shroud is tied at the head and feet, so they can’t walk. Instead, they hop or jump along the road.

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3. Tuyul


A Tuyul or Toyol is the ghost of an unborn baby.

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4. Genderuwo


The Genderuwo is an evil male ghost. It is large, stocky, ape-like man with a thick covering of shaggy, reddish-black hair all over its body. If you smell the stench of rotting flesh, it means the Genderuwo is near. They like to prey on young women and they can transform themselves and take the shape of your loved ones.

5. Sundel Bolong

Sundel Bolong

A Sundel Bolong is a female ghost that is similar to the Kuntilanak, with a pale face, long black hair and a long white dress. The only difference is, she has a large gaping hole in her back through which her internal organs can be seen. This is because the Sundel Bolong died while being abused and gave birth to a baby in the grave. She will appear as a beautiful woman walking alone on the road at night and will cover the hole in her back to hide her true nature. She usually preys on pregnant women and steals newborn babies.

6. Suster Ngesot

Suster Ngesot

Suster Ngesot is the ghost of a young nun who worked as a nurse in a hospital. One night, when she was working alone, she was abused and brutally murdered by a doctor. Her legs were broken and crushed before she was buried in a shallow grave. They say she appears in old hospital buildings at night, dragging her mutilated body along the hallways.

7. Wewe Gombel

Wewe Gombel

Wewe Gombel is an evil spirit that preys on children who stay out late at night. She appears as a wrinkled old woman with long, hanging breasts. She kidnaps the children and takes them back to her lair, but she does not harm them. Instead, she takes care of them and breastfeeds them by force. It is said that she often kidnaps children who are abandoned or neglected by their parents.

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  • In the 2nd story pic there is something mask type face on the left side of the bushes ….can see it?…………GHOST.

  • the last one is a little… it would be more… if they used the other term boo and i wont say the rest cuz i know kids read this stuff

  • There àre màny more, like Kolor ijo, Parakang, Sumiyati, etc. I remember once happened in our village, a woman was found dead. Her body being ripped & so mess up. People said she was attacked by Kolor ijo. Kolor ijo is the evil man ghost that attack women, rape her & ripped her body. Anyway, Kolor ijo in english is Green pant.. Seriously! coz this evil man wear just green pant.

  • I live in Indonesia and I never encounter any of them. And I wish I’ll never. They’re so scary

    8.5 pocongs out of 10!

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