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  • I read all of these stories…
    And I didn’t shed one tear…
    Either I’m an emotionless android [my wildest dream (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧] or there’s something wrong with me.
    @freaky princess LMAO

    Guys some may find it sad others stupid but read it.
    BF-Hey babe where are you right now
    Gf-Studying as usual.
    Bf-Oh which subject are you studying?Is it HOW TO BETRAY YOUR BOYFRIEND.
    Gf-what are you talking about?
    Bf-I can see you are in bed with another boy.
    Gf-what?where are you?
    Bf-without me there is no you.
    The boy suddenly broke through the door and had a huge axe in his hand.He chopped his gf and the boy.He suddenly realized what he did and chopped his head off and the bodies were recovered next morning.


  • ok i’m not a mean guy but…THESE STORIES ARE NOT SAD!
    in fact some of them are borderline hilarious.

  • freaky princess,


    …sorry. Kinda sad but… *Snorts*

    ahhh…. good times…

    ~That was random. I’m sorry~

  • Well here’s one,some may find it sad,some might find it funny,(a text conversation between a couple)

    Boyfriend-I need to tell something.

    Girlfriend – me too
    Boyfriend- go on

    Girlfriend- on the count of 3 we both will say what we have to say ..ok?

    Boyfriend- fine

    Girlfriend -1,2,3

    Boyfriend -can we break up?

    Girlfriend -will you marry me?

  • I read one eye… I was so close to crying. I read boy meets girl… I cried. I read car accident… (Sigh) so sad, and then I read escape… WHAT SORT OF SICK PARENT WOULD DO THAT! Also I read stupid girl… Two words dumb a**

  • The five saddest stories are…
    1. One Eye
    2. Turd
    3. Escape
    4. Mother and child
    5. I would die for you

    The five that will get the most under your skin are…
    1. Blind Girl
    2. True love awaits
    3. Kiss me kill me
    4. Not pretty enough
    5. Car crash

  • I don’t know what this is I just feel like writing a story

    Whenever I come home, I have a usual routine. Get food, do homework, go on the internet, go to sleep. One day it was interrupted. My dad left us. My mom was devastated. My sister didn’t really know what was happening. Over the course of a month, my mother started to get irrational. She would always sit and cry in her bedroom and never come out. She had gained 50 pounds from only eating junk food and not exercising.

    I loved my mom dearly. But one day she snapped. I was knocking on her door with my sister Emily. She had a soccer game that day and needed a ride. “Mom,” I said, “Emily’s game is today. She needs to get there.” I heard a growing from inside the room. “Go make your father do it,” I heard her say. It went silent then I heard glass break.

    She opened the door with such force that it came off the hinges. I hadn’t seen her for a while. She looked like death. Fat and pale with an angry look on her face. “Oh yeah! That’s right! He left me because he couldn’t stand you stupid children anymore! THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED IF NON OF YOU WERE BORN!” Emily started to weep silently. “MOM! Calm down. You’re scaring Emily!” I yell. She had the most evil look in her eyes.

    My mother picked up Emily and threw her. I watched in horror as her limp body the entertainment system and the tv fell on top of her. I scream loudly and run to Emily. There was a pool of blood on the carpet. I begin to sob. My other sister Zayna came running down the stairs. When she saw what happened, she called 911.

    I don’t remember much about the hospital. All I remember is my mother talking for me. She told the police that Emily and I were play fighting. I pushed her too hard and she hit the entertainment system and the tv fell over and hit her. My sister was in a coma for three days before she died. We all went home. Zayna still had no clue what actually happened.

    I cried in my room for days. I loved all my sisters. Even my dead twin. I started to wonder what really happened to my twin brother. I tried to think back. I remember having to go pee while at a lake. My father took me to the restroom while my mother was left with Mark. I remember feeling a sharp pain in my lungs and I couldn’t breathe. Then I felt empty. When we came back she was crying hysterically. My brother was face down in the water and my father had to wade out and get his body. I remember knowing he was dead before the paramedics confirmed he was. Ever since then, I had to keep my family close to me.

    I hear my mom downstairs watching tv in her room. I knew she was watching porn because I heard a lot of moaning. My sister Zayna entered my room. She was scared and sad. She thought my mom was watching a horror movie and someone was dying. I snuggled in bed with my sister and eventually fell asleep. A few weeks past before I talked to my mother again. We needed food. My sister and I were starving. I was a year too young to get a job so I had no way of paying for food. I confronted my mother. She hit my face as hard as she could and told me to starve. My nose was broken. When we went to the doctor she told them that I accidentally hit my face on the counter. I was mad. I didn’t know if the doctors knew she was lying. I didn’t want to tell them about the situation, afraid that my mom would kill me. I wrote a letter to the nurse.

    To be continued

  • An Icelandic female singer has struggled to not only get her career going, but also trying to find the right guy for herself. She works hard, makes sacrifices at the cost of her social life.

    She meets guys on and off, some are great, some turn out to be a big dissapointment.

    As she works hard, she becomes more succesfull and during one of her tours she runs into a man who turns I to be her perfect equal.
    They spent every single spare minute together, enjoying each other. Feeling whole.

    After several months they decide to move in together and see where things go. This goes on for a while and they really have found the love of their lives in each other.

    At some point, she has been recording at the local studio and after a tiresome day she decides to call it a day and takes a taxi home.

    Unfortunately the taxi she’s in isn’t paying attention and pretty much when she arrives home, her taxi hits another car and the driver of the car getting hit, gets killed. She ends up in hospital, unconscious. When she wakes up, she asks to nurse to contact her boyfriend but after several attempts the nurse comes back to tell her she tried the phone number several times, but there’s no answer.

    As it turns our, the taxi she was in, hit the car of her boyfriend – the love of her life – and he got killed instantly :(

  • Sad Stories in Six Words:
    1. For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.
    2. Brought roses home. Keys don’t fit.
    3. “Wrong number,” said a familiar voice.
    4. Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.
    5. The only mourner, her pet cat.
    6. Table for one. Drinks for two.
    7. Once a beauty, now just bones.
    8. I’m sorry. He didn’t make it.
    9. Butterfly. Car Windscreen. A Dead butterfly.
    10. “I’ll be back tomorrow”. Years ago.
    11. Born a baby, died a baby.
    12. Chubby girl, called fat, became obese.
    13. Goodbye Mission Control, thanks for trying.
    14. He loved. She didn’t. How typical.
    15. Twins born. Only one grew up.
    16. Stage 4 cancer. Goodbye, my love.

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