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Stupid Girl

Stupid Girl

The Stupid Girl is a sad story about a boy who catches his girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend. The girl has no idea of the terrible consequences her actions will have.

Stupid Girl

One evening, a girl named Rachel invited a cute guy she knew over to her house. Her parents were away for the weekend, so they had the place to themselves. The guy’s name was Benny and she thought he was the most handsome boy in school.

They were sitting on the couch and after a while, they began making out. Things were getting pretty hot and heavy and benny took off his shirt. All of a sudden, the Rachel’s cell phone began ringing.

“Hey babe, I need to take this call,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Yeah, OK… Sure,” replied Benny.

Rachel got up, grabbed her phone and walked into the next room, shutting the door behind her.

Rachel: Hey! What’s up?

John: Nothing much. Hey Honey, do you think we could go do something later? My boss let me out of work early tonight. What are the chances, huh?

Rachel: Uh… Yeah, that sounds great!

John: OK, cool. I’m almost at your house. I’ll come pick you up and we’ll talk about where to go.

Rachel: Oh, um… That’s not such a good idea…

John: Why not?

Rachel: I’m just busy right now… Sorry.

John: Busy with what? I’m your boyfriend! You don’t have time to meet me? You didn’t make any other plans did you…?

Rachel: Er… No… No… I was just… um… having dinner with my parents.

John: I thought you said your parents were away this weekend…

Just then, her boyfriend walked through the front door. He turned the corner into the hallway and saw his best friend, Benny, sitting on the couch with his shirt off. Rachel came rushing into the room.

John: What the hell is going on?!

Rachel: I can explain! Please, listen to me!

John: Benny? BENNY! What is he doing here?

Rachel: He was just helping me with my homework.

John: OMG! How could you, Rachel? How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me! And yet, here you are, cheating on me with MY BEST FRIEND! I don’t believe this!

Rachel: John… It’s not what it looks like!

As the young couple argued, Benny sheepishly put his shirt back on and climbed out the window. Feeling guilty and ashamed, he started his car and drove off down the street.

John felt sick to his very stomach. With tears in his eyes, he rushed out of the living room and slammed the door. Rachel ran after her boyfriend, begging him to listen to her.

Rachel: NO! Please! Come back, John!! Pleeeeeasssse????!!

She grabbed him by the arm, but he roughly brushed her off. Turning around, John looked straight into his girlfriend’s eyes. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

John: Why, Rachel? Why? I loved you! Oh my God, how could i have been so stupid. I fell in love with a tramp. That’s what they call girls like you, isn’t it? How many other guys have there been, Rachel? Here, take this!

He took something out of his pocket and threw it in her face. It fell on the floor and when Rachel looked down, she saw it was a ring. Her jaw dropped and she fell to her knees. It was a diamond engagement ring. She grabbed it with shaking hands and held it up.

Rachel: You… You were going to propose to me?

John: Yeah… How dumb was I? Maybe you better keep it… Something to remember me by…

With that, he stormed out and jumped into his car. As Rachel stood at her front door, crying uncontrollably, she watched his headlights fade into the distance.

Later that night, she was awoken by the sound of her doorbell ringing. When she answered it, there were two policemen standing on her doorstep.

“I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you,” said one police officer. “A few hours ago, we found your boyfriend dead. He committed suicide.”

Rachel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She burst into tears and fell to the ground, curling up in a ball.

As she sobbed and wailed, the policemen told her what had happened. Apparently, her boyfriend had tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other end around a tree. Then, he got into his car and drove off. When the rope pulled tight, it ripped off his head. He had decapitated himself.

“When we found him, he had a picture of you clutched in his hand,” said the other police officer. “On the back, he had scribbled two words… CHEATING SUCKS.”

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  • it was supposed to be stupid boy! why should he commit suicide for someone who doesn’t deserve him!

    Scaryforkids says: Very true! :)

  • She put him out..
    like the burnin’ of a midnight cigarette..

    this story reminds me of a song called whiskey lullaby..

  • Why does the picture they used look like a girl that would be in a porno XD

  • ARE U helling kidding me?!?!?!? sure she cheated on u and u luved her but that dont mean u go and die cos of that stupid girl and ur friend! who the hell would even would go and die just cos of this stupid girl?!? yeah sure ppl might but this guy had a stupid family,friends and other ppl who care bout him! its not like there is just one girl/boy whose perfect for u!….this story makes me angry….

  • Not to be rude or anything, but this girl looks stupid. The way he committed suicide was disturbing. Anyways, 10 outta 10.

  • @jokegirl, she did acuatlly cheat because making out means kissing lots and lots…… and Benny took his shirt off so…..they were going to have s**…

  • Why is it ALWAYS cheating and then committing suicide, then the police comes, knocking on your door, saying your boyfriend/girlfriend is DEAD…….. But still it’s always the same but still unique stories….. anyway, 6 out 10 ropes.


  • No offense or anything but the girl in the picture does look stupid. She looks like a 20 year old dressing up like a freaking 9 year old.

  • He should’ve taken the ring back to the store to get his money back. Tsk tsk tsk, people these days.

  • Death is just a line we all wait in for our time tic tok on the clock any minute you could be dead original saying by emilia *********

  • hey everyone the girl was somewhat stupid but this happened because of the bad situation which had taken place…its not that she cheated on him…. she just should have told him the truth that benny was with her. i feel john as stupid because he should’nt suicide for this…anyways i hate the people who suicide…. but on other hand i feel really bad for john.

  • After reading the story the first thing I thought about was ‘What happened to that expensive diamond ring??’ I mean if I were the bf I would have made my death the perfect suicide by glueing it to my fingers so she cant get her hand on it. That way I would be more at peace. Why waste my money on her…

  • That was so sad… My ex guy cheated on me, but I didn’t commit suicide. I know how terrible it feels like, so I know I’ll never cheat on anybody.

  • I’d never cheat because if a boy was cheating on me and I found out, I’d be heartbroken. Boys have feelings.. They just don’t let them show half the time. Girls on the other hand cry over break ups to pets dying. We girls cry a lot. So think before you cheat.

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