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Don't Let Me In

Don’t Let Me In

Don’t Let Me In is a scary text story about a boyfriend who sends text messages to his girlfriend in the middle of the night, warning her not to open the door for him.

Don't Let Me In

Gabriel: Nancy
Gabriel: Nancy, are you there?
Gabriel: Nancy answer me!

Nancy: Hey
Nancy: Wow, it’s so late!
Nancy: What’s the matter? You can’t sleep?

Gabriel: Nancy, I need you to listen to me carefully.
Gabriel: If I come to your house tonight and knock on the door

Nancy: What???
Nancy: You’re coming over now?

Gabriel: Nancy, focus on what I’m trying to tell you
Gabriel: If the doorbell rings and you see me standing outside
Gabriel: Whatever you do, DON’T LET ME IN!!

Nancy: Have you gone completely crazy?

Gabriel: Something very bad will happen to you if you open the door

Nancy: What’s wrong with you?
Nancy: Why are you saying these horrible things?
Nancy: You’re scaring me!!

Gabriel: Sorry, but it’s for your own good
Gabriel: Are you alone in the house?

Nancy: Yes, actually… My parents went to a party

Gabriel: Ok well, then lock all doors and windows
Gabriel: If you see me outside, call the police
Gabriel: Immediately

Nancy: Gabriel, if this is a joke, I swear I’m going to block you

Gabriel: It’s not a joke!

Nancy: Where are you?

Gabriel: I’m not sure.
Gabriel: I’m in an abandoned house
Gabriel: But I can’t get out.
Gabriel: All the windows have bars on them.
Gabriel: And all the doors are locked

Nancy: How did you get there??

Gabriel: I can’t remember
Gabriel: My memory is all confused
Gabriel: I think it happened yesterday night

Nancy: What happened?
Nancy: Have you been kidnapped or something??!!

Gabriel: I don’t know.
Gabriel: I think so
Gabriel: But, please, Nancy. Remember what I told you
Gabriel: If you see me outside, don’t open the door for me!

Nancy: Wait a sec
Nancy: Ah, I see what’s going on now
Nancy: You really are an idiot!!

Gabriel: What??

Nancy: This is just another one of your pranks.
Nancy: And to think I was about to call the police!
Nancy: Thank God I realized just in time!

Gabriel: What are you talking about?

Nancy: I can see you!
Nancy: Moron!
Nancy: I’m looking at you through the window
Nancy: You’re out there in the garden
Nancy: Sending messages on your phone

Gabriel: What??

Nancy: Don’t try to deny it. I can see you

Gabriel: No!! It’s not me!!!
Nancy: Knock it off. The joke’s over
Nancy: It was a lame prank anyway
Nancy: I’m coming down

Gabriel: No! Don’t open the door!!
Gabriel: I told you! Don’t let me in!

Nancy: Hahaha… You’re crazy


Nancy: Why do you keep saying that?
Nancy: What the hell is going on??

Gabriel: I’m trying to protect you
Gabriel: Please believe me!

Nancy: I hope you’re happy. You’ve got me so scared
Nancy: I really don’t know what the hell to do
Nancy: You’re knocking on the door now
Nancy: I hate you!
Nancy: This is the most horrible joke in the world

Gabriel: It’s not a joke!!
Gabriel: Don’t open it!!

Nancy: What am I supposed to do?
Nancy: Why are you knocking on the door if you don’t want me to open it?
Nancy: Why did you even come to my house in the first place?

Gabriel: It’s not me

Nancy: What do you mean it’s not you?
Nancy: I can see you through the window, Gabe
Nancy: I’m not blind!

Gabriel: I’m telling you, it’s not me!
Gabriel: It’s something else

Nancy: What??

Gabriel: I dont know!

Nancy: Where are you now?

Gabriel: I already told you, I’m locked in a house!!
Gabriel: I don’t know where I am exactly

Nancy: You’ve gone away

Gabriel: What??

Nancy: I mean… that thing outside…
Nancy: He moved away from the door

Gabriel: What is he doing??

Nancy: He’s just standing in the garden
Nancy: Looking at his cell phone
Nancy: He looks exactly like you
Nancy: It has to be you!
Nancy: How can it not be you??
Nancy: You’re driving me crazy!

Gabriel: Nancy, listen to me
Gabriel: I don’t know who that thing is
Gabriel: But I know he’s not me
Gabriel: Despite what he looks like

Nancy: Oh God
Nancy: He’s looking right at me now

Gabriel: Get away from the window
Gabriel: Are the doors and windows locked?

Nancy: Yes
Nancy: I think so
Nancy: You’re right, love, it’s not you
Nancy: He’s almost identical to you but
Nancy: I know it’s something else!
Nancy: His eyes!
Nancy: His eyes are red!
Nancy: They glow in the dark!!

Gabriel: Get away from the window!

Nancy: I’m on the other side of the room
Nancy: Now he’s crouching down
Nancy: I can’t see him anymore

Gabriel: What’s he doing?

Nancy: He’s got a stone in his hand
Nancy: He’s walking to the window
Nancy: He’s going to break the glass!

Gabriel: Run!!
Gabriel: Lock yourself in the bathroom and call the police!
Gabriel: Love!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: Nancy????

Nancy: I’m upstairs
Nancy: I locked myself in my bedroom
Nancy: The lock on the door is stronger
Gabriel: Did you call the police?

Nancy: I’m calling them now

Gabriel: Tell them to hurry!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: What did they say?
Gabriel: Are you still there?

Nancy: I called them
Nancy: They said they’re coming right away

Gabriel: OK. Good

Nancy: I hope they come soon
Nancy: That thing broke the window
Nancy: He’s inside the house!!
Gabriel: Are you sure?

Nancy: I can hear his footsteps!
Nancy: Now he’s coming up the stairs!
Gabriel: I wish I was there!
Gabriel: I wish I could help you!!

Nancy: What is that thing??
Nancy: Why is all this happening?

Gabriel: I don’t know, love!!
Gabriel: All I know is what I told you before
Gabriel: It started yesterday night
Gabriel: I was in my bedroom, studying
Gabriel: The window was open and I heard a noise outside
Gabriel: I looked out the window and that’s when I saw it
Gabriel: There was something out there

Nancy: What?

Gabriel: Something that wasn’t human
Gabriel: It had a pale, white face
Gabriel: And it’s eyes were glowing red!!
Gabriel: He grabbed me by the neck
Gabriel: I didn’t have time to react
Gabriel: Then as I watched his face began to change
Gabriel: This is the most incredible part
Gabriel: Before I knew it, I was looking at myself
Gabriel: The thing had stolen my face
Gabriel: He looked exactly like me
Gabriel: And he was smiling at me!

Nancy: OMG!

Gabriel: I don’t remember anything after that
Gabriel: When I woke up locked in this house
Gabriel: That’s all I know

Nancy: Gabe, that’s the craziest story I’ve ever heard
Nancy: But I believe you
Nancy: And I know this thing is evil
Nancy: He wants to kill me, I know it!
Nancy: He’s banging on the door now
Nancy: The door is shaking
Nancy: He’s using a lot of strength
Nancy: I don’t think it’s going to hold much longer!
Nancy: Please help!

Gabriel: Don’t let him in!
Gabriel: Push the bed up against the door
Gabriel: Do whatever it takes to survive!
Gabriel: Until the police get there!
Gabriel: Nancy!
Gabriel: Nancy??
Gabriel: Please answer me!!
Gabriel: Answer me Nancy!!
Gabriel: Nancy?
Gabriel: Are you OK?
Gabriel: What’s happening there?
Gabriel: Please answer me!
Gabriel: Oh God
Gabriel: I love you Nancy

When the police finally arrived at the house, they were too late to save Nancy. She was nowhere to be found. The door of her bedroom had been smashed and the pieces lay strewn about the floor.

After checking the security cameras, the police determined that she had been abducted by her 27-year old boyfriend, Gabriel Rosales.

Meanwhile, in the abandoned house, the real Gabriel was distraught beyond belief. He managed to find a loose floorboard and got out through the crawlspace. He discovered that the house was located in the middle of the woods. He tried to phone the police, but he couldn’t get a signal. When he checked Google maps, it couldn’t find his location.

Gabriel began walking through the woods. He hiked for several kilometers until he found a house with the lights on. He went up to the front door and knocked. After a few minutes, a woman’s face peered out the window.

As Gabriel desperately tried to explain the situation, the woman’s eyes grew wide with fright. She let out a piercing scream.

“Please!” Gabriel whined, “You’ve got to help me!”

Just then, the front door opened and a man appeared from the darkness, holding a rifle in his hand. Gabriel turned and ran as fast as he could. As he dashed for the cover of the trees, he heard the sound of gunfire behind him and felt the bullets whizzing past his head.

Gabriel ran until he was out of breath. He tripped over a fallen log and his feet got tangled up in the branches. He fell and hit his head one a stone. Blood began to flow from the open wound and it soaked his whole face. He grabbed the cell phone and activated the camera in selfie mode, so he could see the extent of his injuries.

What he saw made him shake with fear and the cell phone fell from his hands.

Finally, he understood why the woman in the house had screamed with such horror.

The strange creature had taken his appearance, and in return it had left him with its own.

Today, Gabriel travels by night, hiding in the shadows, his face and body transformed forever into that of an abominable being, still wondering what it was that attacked him and stole away his girlfriend, and hoping one day to get revenge…

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  • @WolfGirl haha, that made my day😂
    And I agree with @Thetheninjagummybear, these aren’t that creepy.

  • This is almost exactly like “Annie96 is typing…” Gotta say, I’m not fond of these chat format stories on here. They’re neither realistic nor surreal enough to invoke fear in me. Example: The characters typing “OMG”. It takes you out of the moment. People don’t type “OMG” during an actual stressful situation. That’s the kind of reaction someone would have towards a scary video, not a supernatural event. Keep at it. You’ll get it eventually.

  • Oh, so this is like that one annie is typing story.
    I originally thought the people slammed the door on him and chased him with a rifle was because he was on the news. :/

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