Scary For Kids

Scary Stories

Short scary stories for kids, teens and adults to tell in the dark. Read true ghost stories, real urban legends and short tales of horror online. These stories are perfect for telling at Halloween, at bedtime, at sleepovers or around the campfire.

Scary Stories

Short Scary Stories

Stories for Kids

Scary stories for kids and short spooky tales to read online. These traditional stories for children are based on folktales and folklore. Ghosts and horrors have always been a staple of children’s storytelling and...

Short Stories

Short Stories

Scary short stories for kids, teenagers and adults to tell online. Read some great tales of horror at bedtime or tell ghost stories around the campfire for Halloween. Bay Window Identical Twins Science Fiction Stories...

Chain Letters

Scary chain letters, emails and text messages to send to your friends. They feature the best cute, creepy, funny and disturbing stories about love, friendship, death and horror. We’ve got every chain letter you...

True Scary Stories

True scary stories, real horror tales and urban legends online. Read about real stalkers, murders, ghosts, creatures and paranormal encounters. Evil in the Woods The Waiter Almost Kidnapped Lemonade Stand Crazy Eyes...

Scary Legends

Scary Legends and creepy stories from around the world. Read these tales of spooks, spirits and ghosts that are said to haunt remote areas. Each one is odd and weird but definitely very interesting as well. The Barns...

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