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Christmas Stories

Christmas stories to read on a cold Winter’s eve. For centuries, there has been a tradition where people gather around a roaring fire and scare themselves by reading ghost stories aloud during the holiday season.

Christmas Stories

A few funny Christmas stories:

Some longer Christmas-themed ghost stories written by classic authors:

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  • I swear that big picture of Santa with holes for eyes is from the movie Silent Night! That movie is awesome!

  • i saw that photo in a movie “silent night”…i like that movie cause it’s where santa kills the naughty one..he’s like my superhero…no mercy!

  • You’d Better Not Cry
    Have you ever wondered why the song Santa Claus is coming to town has the line: You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town? Could this have an even deeper meaning and not just be a line to a song about the kind, jolly, fat man we all know and love???? Well in reality Santa Claus goes to children’s houses and beats them up. It doesn’t really matter to him wether it is a boy or a girl. That’s the you’d better watch out part. He does this because he is tired about giving toys to boys and girls all in one night and is tired of always being the good one while to him black Peter, Hanns Trapp, and krampus get all the fun beating all the children in a bloody pulp. The reason that the parents don’t know about this is because of the two lines you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout. While Santa is hurting the innocent children he threatens to hurt them even more if they start to cry. So that way the parents don’t hear their children cry. Then if the children early in the morning on Christmas wake up their parents and tell them about what Santa did to them, it is pretty obvious that they won’t believe them so they would start pouting and guess who says not to pout? So Santa is not all he means because soon Santa Claus is coming to town and he will find out that you read this and now know his secret. He will find you. How do I know this well I’m one of Santa’s Elfs, his most trusted one. So happy holidays!!!!

    Special thanks to The Yellow Dash I got part of my story from you,it really helped
    This is not a true story it is made up by me so do not think that it is real
    Tell me what you think everyone!!!!
    I hope SFK likes it plus it is my first story so don’t blame me for it being bad!

  • this story is called Santa Clause
    As i laid awake on Christmas eve at 9:43am, i thought about the things i might be getting for Christmas. i could be getting the go-kart i always talked about. Or, my very own TV. that way, i won’t have to argue over what we’re gonna watch today. see that’s the thing about Christmas. you never know what your going to get.
    as i drifted to sleep, i heard something break in the living room. i thought it was my mom and dad sneaking in from the Christmas shopping. i went to go sneak a peek to see if i could get a good glimpse on what i might be getting tomorrow. When i was half way down the hallway, i saw a Santa hat. i was about to scream! not because i was a little scared that Santa breaks into people’s houses to throw gifts in, i was scared of the fact that that wasn’t Santa! It was a fat man dressed up as Santa Clause and was throwing stuff around.
    i was scared out of my mind. I thought for a second. Then i attacked him. i didn’t put up a big fight. He pinned me to the ground and punched me a couple of times. ” I’m sick and tired of people relying on me to give them presents! i want everyone in the world to pay! so i’m going to put nuclear bombs in all the presents in the whole world! and for the bad children and the parents, lets just say that Hanns trap, Black Pete, and Krampus will deal with them.” Did he just say handy cap, black teeth, and crapper!? Anyway, i managed to get out of his grasp and give him 2 black eyes. Just when he pulled out a knife, my parents came in. That’s when Santa Clause jumped out the window and ran down the street.
    the next morning, i was relieved that it was Christmas. i hurried up and ran downstairs to see what i got. We had a lot of presents. i wanted to open mine last so i waited. When everyone was done i opened a little box. It was a note that said “Next year, i’m not just going to give you coal, me and Hanns, Pete, and Krampus will give you a good beating. HO HO HO, and merry Christmas to all!”

  • i think that picture is supposed to mean that santa clause is working to hard and that’s why he has black bags over his eyes. then i think he is gonna kill people to tell him that he has had enough of riding on his raggedy sleigh and sliding down chimneys even though they are skinny. or it could mean that he is going to kill someone because he is tired of making other people feel happy. then when he was about to kill someone, they put up a fight and gave santa a treat. 2 black eyes. HEYYY!!!!! I CAN TURN THIS INTO A STORY!!!! i don’t wanna do it on tell me your story because im lazy.

  • yerp i think that these stories are gonna be really good and by the way,FIRST im gonna read these stories…
    oh and btw does anyone here got a playstation3 because im bored and i wanna play someone on modern warfare 2 or tomorrow i can play black ops 2

  • Yay! More stories!!! Btw first! Now I see why Sfk has taken a long time to post these stories.

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