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Plush Toys

Plush Toys

Dear ScaryForKids,

My wife made some plush toys for our children, but I’m not sure if the kids will like them. Let me explain:

We have two daughters. They’re twins and they just turned 9 years old last month. Throughout their childhood, they believed in the tooth fairy. Whenever they lost a tooth, we would tell them to put it under their pillow. During the night, my wife would take the tooth and leave some money under the pillow instead. She kept the teeth in a little wooden box. As you can imagine, we built up quite a collection over the years.

This year, we decided to use them to make a special christmas present for the kids. My wife made some cute plush dolls and sewed the teeth into them. My wife is a talented seamstress and I think she did a good job. Here are the plush toys my wife made. Have a look and tell me what you think:

Plush Toys

scary for kids


  • No offence but they disturb me, the eyes look realistic and they just give me the creeps!

  • @bloodandgore24
    wow thats a good story also the plush toys r soo cute in a weird way! <3

  • @scaryforkids heey!! Here’s another story of mine :) Hope you post it again :)


    My wife is a real artist. She can make anything with paper. Last year, she made a life size replica of me using 3D Origami. We keep it in the living room so the guests can see it as well. Last week, on my way home from work, I saw a dog. Too bad my wife is allergic, I could have taken it home with me. I told my wife about the cute dog, and she felt sad because she also wanted one, but her body wants the opposite, oh well. The day after that, I saw a 3D Origami dog beside me. I was so happy. I kissed my wife and told her it’s very lovely. She felt happy because I liked it. We were so happy. That is, until 2 days ago. some men broke into our house while we were out. They took everything. The television, radio, fridge, and our good china. But the worst thing they did, they smashed all of my wife’s origami models to pieces. I looked at my wife, who just stood there, completely catatonic. Unable to move, unable to speak, it’s just heartbreaking to see her like this. I spoke to the police about the incident but I had to leave the origami part out so they would take me seriously. And they said they couldn’t do much because the burglars didn’t leave any clues, fingerprints or even footprints. I walked home with my head hanging and opened the door. But as soon as I opened the door, I saw my wife, cooking dinner while singing. I asked her if she was okay and she just replied, ” Never Better!” I assumed she got over the incident and just forgot about it. Three days later, I was watching the news, waiting for my wife to finish cooking breakfast. I was shocked about the headline. It says, that three men, were killed in the street, the 1st one was gutted, the second one was decapitated and the third one was choked with a random object. The police are still conducting an autopsy to see what that object is. The reporter stated that those men were burglars. Then my wife spoke, ” Those were probably the burglars who broke into our house, they deserved it.” I also thought they did, but the way they were murdered is just so brutal. Then another headline appeared. The autopsy report is complete. I was shocked when they showed the object. It was a paper crane.

  • Dude -_- You Wanna Scare The Crap Out Of Ur Kids?! They’re Just Nine O.o Go Buy Them Barbie Dolls -_-

  • Holy crap, if I’d gotten this when i was 9, I probably would’ve sh## myself. Nice job, tho.

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