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Purple Fingernails

Purple Fingernails

Purple Fingernails is a scary Christmas story for kids about a young girl who receives an evil doll as a present.

Purple Fingernails

There was once a little girl who had a large collection of dolls. One Christmas, she saw a doll in the window of a department store that she absolutely had to have. It had long, flowing blond hair and a lovely blue dress. But, the thing that impressed her the most about the doll, was that it had lovely, bold purple fingernails.

When Christmas morning came, she was delighted to find the doll with the purple fingernails lying under the Christmas tree. She played with it all day, and when she went to sleep, she put it on the table at her bedside.

That night, the little girl was awakened by strange noises. It was still dark outside. She looked over for her doll, but it was nowhere to be found. The girl, puzzled, got out of bed and walked into the hallway. The door to her parents’ room was ajar, and she pushed it open softly and looked in. Her parents appeared to be sleeping soundly, so she went back to bed.

In the morning, she saw the doll with the purple fingernails was sitting on the table by her bed, exactly where she had left it. She assumed that she had just been having a bad dream. But when she went into her parents’ room that morning, she found them both lying dead in a pool of blood. There were two purple doll fingernails stabbed into their hearts.

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