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Shocking Stories

Shocking Stories

Molten Iron

Many years ago, there was an iron foundry outside my town. They had a huge blast furnace and the molten iron would run down and collect in large troughs in the ground. This was in the days before health and safety regulations, so there were no protective barriers around the troughs.

One day, there was a kid who was new on the job and the workers were showing him what to do. He accidentally slipped and fell into one of the troughs. He went into the molten iron knee deep and was screaming and crying for help. The kid’s father worked in the iron foundry as well. When he saw what happened to his son, he came running.

The father immediately grabbed a long metal rod and held it out to his son. The kid must have thought he was going to be saved because he grabbed onto the metal rod. Then, his dad did what he thought was the only humane thing to do. He quickly pushed his son in.

An old man told me the story. He said it all happened very fast and within a minute it was over. He said the dad did the right thing, but the story has haunted me ever since…

Pig Farm

This story is completely true. My friend used to live on a pig farm and he saw this happen. Well, actually, he saw the aftermath. A farmhand was given the task of cleaning out the pig pens. He was cleaning the roof when he somehow hit his head and was knocked unconscious. He fell down and landed inside the pig pen, which was full of pigs. About an hour later, the owner noticed that the farmhand was missing and went looking for him. All that was left was a pile of bones. Normally, pigs do not eat people. As long as you’re standing upright and moving around, you’re fine. However, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it isn’t moving and it’s not a rock, pigs will eat it. Including a live, unconscious human being.

The Barking

One night, I was awakened by the loud barking of dogs in my neighbors’ back yard. It had happened before, but this time the barking was louder and more insistent than usual. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but the barking just grew louder and louder. Finally, in a fit of rage, I went downstairs, opened the back door and went out into my back yard. I picked up a heavy stone and threw it into the neighbors’ yard, where the sound of barking was coming from. To my surprise, the barking suddenly stopped. Pleased with myself, I returned to bed, and finally fell into a restless sleep. I dreamed that I could hear hundreds of dogs barking and growl and scratching at the door. In my dream, I couldn’t see anything, just the black emptiness accompanied by the incessant barking of dogs. The next morning, there was a knock on my door. When I opened it, the police were standing there. In my neighbors’ back yard, they had discovered hundreds of monstrous, deformed footprints along with the bloody, half-eaten corpses of my neighbors.


This story could be true or it could be just an urban legend. It supposedly happened in Russia in the 1970s. It was one of the hottest days in Summer and a lot of people were standing in a queue on a Moscow street. They were lining to by kvass (a Russian drink kind of like cider or beer except it is made from fermented rye bread.) The seller was offering a small bottle for a penny and for six cents, you would get a large bottle. There were a lot of people waiting in the queue, but suddenly the kvass stopped flowing. No one could understand why, because there was still much more in the tank. The seller could not open the tank because it was sealed. He had to call in a maintenance worker. When they finally got the tank open, they found the dead body of a man floating in the kvass and his finger was stuck in the drain hole.

(I will be adding more stories to this page in the future.)

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  • @peppa is dead: He knew he wouldn´t be able to safe his son´s life and that the son would die eventually from the injuries obtained….so he decided (with an aching heart I assume) to end his sons suffering by pushing him in (killing him instandly)

  • You should write one about the true story of a woman’s dead body being found in the water tank of a hotel, after guests complained about the taste of the hotel water! :O

  • Must of been terrible for the father to have to do that…in the barking story….I wonder if it was a werewolf hmmm….I already knew that about the pigs so that’s not shocking (just think of Hannibal lecter really) and the last story wasnt shocking either.

  • I didn’t get the first one. Why did his father push him into that. Rest are shocking really. I waiting for more shocking stories SFK.

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