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Clown Puppet

Clown Puppet

The Clown Puppet is a scary story about three sisters who ask their parents for Christmas presents.

Clown Puppet

There was a married couple who had three daughters. The oldest was 15, the middle one was 12 and youngest was 7 years old. For Christmas, the oldest daughter asked for a laptop, the middle daughter asked for an iPad and the youngest daughter asked for a small doll.

On Christmas Day, they all unwrapped their presents beneath the Christmas tree. The oldest and the middle daughter received what they had asked for, but the youngest daughter was surprised to receive a clown puppet. However, the clown puppet was so cute that she decided to keep it. Two days later, the youngest girl disappeared!

The next Christmas, the oldest daughter asked for an iPad and the middle daughter asked for a clown puppet, in memory of her little sister. Two days later the middle daughter disappeared.

The next Christmas, the last remaining daughter asked for a clown puppet in memory of her younger sisters. Two days later, she too disappeared.

The parents became very poor and were forced to sell their furniture for money. One day, they went into the attic, looking for something else they could sell. There, in a dark recess, they saw the clown puppet. It was sitting on a throne made from lollipop sticks. Arranged all around it were the severed heads of the three missing girls.

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