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The Grither is a scary story for Christmas about a legendary monster who lives in the icy wastes at the North Pole. It is based on an old episode of Tales From The Darkside called “Seasons of Belief”.

The Grither

It was Christmas eve and the family were gathered in the living room. The father was reading the newspaper and the mother was knitting a sweater. The children, Jimbo and Steffa, were stretched out on the floor with their crayons and their coloring books.

“Tell us a story,” Steffa demanded.

“Yes, a scary one,” Jimbo insisted.

“All right,” said their father. “I’m going to tell you about the most fearsome dangerous and appalling creature in the world and it’s called… The Grither.”

“Oh, now you’ve done it,” said their mother. “You said his name out loud…”

“Who is he?” asked Jimbo.

“He’s the most awful thing in the world,” their father said. “He lives in a cave at the North Pole. The coldest, wettest place on earth is where The Grither makes his home. He sleeps in the wreck of a ship that somehow got squeezed into the mouth of the cave. He doesn’t mind the cold and he doesn’t mind the wet, but the thing he hates most of all is to hear someone say his name. He has very good ears and they get bigger every time his name is spoken anywhere on earth. Sometimes his ears get so big, he can use them to fly.”

“I don’t like this story,” Steffa whined.

“It’s too late now,” her mother said. “We’ve already mentioned his name. The Grither is probably on his way to our house this very minute.”

“It will probably take him a while to get here,” said their father. “If we finish the story before he gets here, everything will be fine. Do you know why The Grither is called The Grither?”

“Why?” the children asked.

“Because he has fists as big as basketballs and arms as long as boa constrictors,” said their father with a grin. “Whenever he finds the people who have been speaking his name, he opens up his fists and reaches out his arms and he grithers them in. He grabs them by the head and squeezes them and squeezes them until they pop, just like a balloon.”

“Does he look like Bigfoot?” Jimbo asked.

“No,” said his father. “He’s not like bigfoot and he’s not like the abominable snowman either. Nobody knows what he looks like for sure. The only people who have ever seen The Grither are the people the Grither has eaten. He’s as tall as a tree but he can bend all the way over and touch the ground. His skin looks like a road map because it’s transparent and all his blue and red veins show through. The blue is for fear and the red is for rage.”

“Hurry up and finish the story before he gets here,” Steffa cried.

“The Grither was born on a sailing ship,” said her father. “It was blown off course by a storm and got lost in the Arctic Sea. They drifted around for weeks and never saw anything but glaciers and icebergs. Some of the passengers drowned, some froze to death, some starved and the rest committed suicide. The grither was born out of the fear and rage of all those people.”

“But why does he kill people?” Jimbo asked.

“Nobody knows,” said his father. “He just doesn’t like anyone telling his story.”

“Is that all?” Steffa asked. “Is that the end of the story?”

“Not quite,” said her father. “There’s only one way to protect yourself from The Grither…”

“Maybe you should stop,” their mother interrupted. “I think you’ve scared them enough.”

Their father chuckled. “You don’t believe in The Grither, do you?” he asked.

“No,” the children lied.

“Well you shouldn’t,” their father said, “because I made it all up. There’s no such thing as The Grither.”

“But you didn’t finish the story!” Steffa whined.

All of a sudden, the front door blew open and the room was enveloped in an icy blast of wind. There was a crash and the sound of breaking glass. Then, two huge, gnarled arms reached in through the windows and grasped their parents by their heads. As the children watched in horror, the hands squeezed and squeezed and their parents’ heads popped, just like two balloons.

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  • As long as he’s in the mood to pop stuff I’ve had this pimple on my back and he seems like the man for the job

  • In the picture it looks like someone pooped on her…😂 its not scary as they used the word, ‘ballon’….and seriously??their heads popped up ?! What were they made of ?? Christmas Poppin’ Candy?!

  • The story isnt scary if you use the word balloons :D And also… we all read the story. We read the grithers name. The story hasnt finished and we dont know the end to finifsh it. Does this mean that everyone who reads this will die??? xD

  • um……I don’t wanna be rude(well i do) but…………………………………………………..

  • The story was awesome but if it was true then why would anyone say”i made it up” Was that a coincidence?
    But i sounded some what funny when the monster grabbed the parents before the father said that the story was fake!
    And @chosen1 nice funny confusing story.

  • Stupid Story – Sweets

    Craig Cap lived on top of the hill with his wife and 3 kids, Marie, Penn and Knie, in a mansion. Marie was 15, Penn was 10 and Knie was 19. They all liked sweets a lot. They always begged their parents for more and more sweets. They also liked lemon.
    One rainy night when Craig was returning home from work, he was walking down the pavement. Suddenly, he saw a box full of sweets lying on the road. He picked it up and saw his name on the front! The box was wet and soggy, and he opened it to see sweets! He wanted to take it for his kids, so he grabbed it and ran home. “Yus!!” he screamed.
    Upon reaching home, the kids just grabbed and ate the whole bunch of sweets. Craig loved sweets too, but there was no left for him. He was sad.
    Next night he was walking down the road, and there was a box on the road again! “OMG!” he yelled! He quickly grabbed the box and poured the sweets down his mouth. They were delish!!
    “MMM!” he smiled! He danced back to home! Upon reaching, he saw his wife crying and putting Band-Aids over Penn’s leg, which was horribly cut open. “Eww.” Said Craig and went upstairs to call the doctor. The doctor came and took Craig’s wife and his son Penn to the hospital. After that, he sat down on the couch. 2 minutes went by, and there was a loud scream! He skipped upstairs. Marie was running around the bathroom with a little elf on her back! Craig grabbed it by the neck and hit it against the wall. Knie was laughing so hard. Suddenly, all the blood from his body drained out of his mouth. Knie and Marie’s did too. So did everyone.
    The scary this is that Craig was actually you!!! You forgot this happened!!!! OMG! (Craig was a girl if you are a girl.)

    Note: It was supposed to be stupid! :D

  • tysm for posting this i remembered it when i was young but i forgot what it was called. But thanks to you i now know :D

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