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Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out is a scary story about two teenage girls named Isobella and Chloe who are stalked by a dangerous murderer.

Girls Night Out

Isobella and Chloe were two typical American teenage girls. After school, they spent all of their time together, watching scary movies, having sleepovers, shopping for new clothes. They liked partying, keeping up with their friends, having fun and just enjoying life. They had no way of knowing the horrible fate that life had in store for them.

One night, Isobella and Chloe decided to have a girls night out. They planned to sneak out to a nightclub as soon as their parents went to sleep. Isobella kissed her parents goodnight and went upstairs to bed. When she thought that everyone had gone to sleep, she took out her cell phone, called her friend Chloe and told her to meet her at the store down the street. Chloe agreed and hung up.

Isobella quietly opened her bedroom window, trying not to wake anyone. She stepped out onto the windowsill and climbed down the drainpipe. As she walked down the deserted street, she got a strange feeling that she was being watched. The hairs on the back of her neck pricked up. She glanced behind her, but she was alone. When she came to the corner store, there was nobody around, so she took out her cell phone and called Chloe.

“Ok I’m at the store”, she said. “Hurry up or I’m going home!”

“What’s wrong?” asked Chloe.

“I don’t know”, replied Isobella. “This just doesn’t feel like other nights. Something isn’t feel right. I’ve got a bad vibe.”

“Stop it. You’re just being paranoid”, laughed Chloe. “I’ll be there in two minutes.”

Isobella hung up the phone, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone or something was watching her. Five minutes later, Chloe turned up and the two girls walked together to the nightclub. The girls were too young to get into the club, but the bouncers never asked them for ID. They strolled inside and pretty soon, they were dancing to the music and flirting with guys on the dancefloor.

Around 3 AM, Isobella was chatting to a really cute guy who must have been at least 10 years older than her. Suddenly, she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. It was a text message from her ex-boyfriend Anthony. She hadn’t heard from him since they broke up a month ago.


Curious, she looked around and saw Chloe busy talking to some other man. So, without saying goodbye, Isobella walked out the door of the nightclub. She had just taken a few steps, when she recieved another text message.


The street was dimly lit and deserted. Isobella had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something didn’t feel right, but she told herself she was just being over-cautious.

Inside the nightclub, Chloe was looking for her friend. After waiting for 15 minutes, she began to grow impatient. She scanned the dancefloor, but there was no sign of Isobella. She even checked the toilets, but they were empty.

At 3:27 AM, a relieved Chloe got a text from Isobella.


When Chloe got outside, she recieved another text.


Chloe followed the directions, crossing the dark and lonely street. When she rounded the corner, she was confronted by a horrific sight. Her heart almost froze in her chest.

Isobella was hanging upside-down from a street light in the parking lot behind the dumpster. Sparkling Christmas tree lights were wrapped around her ankles. There was a large pool of blood below her. Her body was completely stripped of clothing, revealing deep wounds along her stomach and chest.

Chloe fell to the ground and began screaming hysterically. Some people who were standing at the door of the nightclub heard her cries and came rushing over. When they turned the corner and saw Isobella’s bloody corpse hanging in front of them, they were horrified.

The police were called and they questioned Chloe for hours. Still in a state of hysteria, she could barely talk. Sobbing uncontrollably, she told them how she and Isobella had sneaked out that night and gone to the nightclub together. She tried to remember all of the guys they had talked flirted with on the dancefloor. They asked her if she knew of anyone who would want to harm Isobella, but she couldn’t think of anyone. As much as she wanted to catch Isobella’s killer, she was of no help to the investigation.

During the interrogation, one of the cops produced a plastic bag and took out a blood-stained envelope.

“We found this lodged in your friend’s throat. It’s addressed to you”, said the cop as he handed her the envelope.

“Chloe” was scrawled across the front. With trembling hands, she took out the piece of paper inside and read it.

The letter read: “Maybe if you stayed in bed like you were supposed to, things like this wouldn’t happen. Don’t go sneaking around at night. Bad things can happen.”

The cops had to grab her before she fainted. An ambulance took Chloe to the hospital and she was treated for shock.

When Chloe returned home the next day, she was still shaken. Her parents told her that Isobella’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony, had been arrested for the murder. He was later released after passing a lie detector test. He claimed his phone had been stolen on the day of the murder. The police didn’t rule him out as a suspect in the case, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him.

As fate would have it, Isobella’s murder would remain unsolved. Nobody was ever brought to trial for the crime and as time went on, people began to forget about it.

Two years had passed and Chloe had almost managed to forget about the terrible night when her best friend had been savagely murdered. One night, she called her boyfriend and asked him to meet her at the park. It was about 2 AM.

She began to walk to the park, but felt a strange presence, just like the one Isobella had told her about, the night she was murdered. She was almost to the park when the feeling came across her, so she let it go. Her phone beeped. It was a text message from her boyfriend.


It made her feel much better. Her last task was to pass by the store, the park was on the other side. She began to walk but heard something behind her. Immediately she began to run.

Her boyfriend got to the park and waited for about 15 minutes. At 2:35 AM, he got a text from Chloe


He did as the text suggested and walked forward. There, hanging upside-down from a tree, was the mutilated body of Chloe. Christmas tree lights were wrapped around her ankles and she was completely naked and covered in blood.

He called the police and was interrogated all night. The next day, when Chloe’s boyfriend got home, there was a letter waiting for him on his parents’ doorstep. It was stained with small drops of blood.

The note inside read: “Don’t go sneaking around at night. Bad things can happen.”

I wish I could tell you that the murders of Isobella and Chloe were solved, but that’s just not the case. Today, the police say the investigation is still ongoing, but they have no new leads.

The murders are seldom spoken about nowadays. They were high profile cases at the time, but due to the strange lack of evidence, people soon forgot about them. Everyone who was involved went on with their lives.

You may be wondering how I know so much about these cases. Well, I’d rather not go into it, considering it is still an ongoing investigation. If you must know, I was the cop who was assigned to the case. I was the cop who handed Chloe the blood-stained letter. You may also be wondering why the murders were never solved. Well, like I always say: Don’t go sneaking around at night… Bad things can happen… Heh heh heh…

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  • well, thats one way to hide a murder.
    *note to self, become a cop went i grow up, no one will know it was me*

  • this reminds me of the Netflix series ‘Dexter’ , It’s about a cop who not only solves crimes, but commits them since he’s a serial killer (such irony), i guess it’s the only way he’ll get least suspected for his killings. 7/10 :D

  • I couldn’t even get away with that because my father walks around the house to make sure that everything’s alright.
    Ahh I love my protective father!!

  • Like I say Good cop/ bad cop. get it? also This is meant to freak the sheets out of kids and teens never to sneak out at night but seriously? wtf man!!

  • awesome story. cool ending too but it would have been scarier without the laugh

  • Cops are supposed to PROTECT PEOPLE, not KILL them. The guy must be deranged or something… and i’m too chicken to go out in the dark alone, because I always think that someone’s gonna kidnap me or something like that…

  • i agree with luna night fright why did they have to go out of the house that late at night when they can’t protect themselves they should have just stayed home idiots

  • I love this story. It’s not a newfangled horror story like some others. It’s a pure classic. It warmed my heart as I read it (that sounds weird. I meant it warmed my heart like, “Oh, I love a good classic horror story’, not, ‘Oh, how sweet. Both girls are killed and naked’). :) I love a good classic. It keeps you on your toes.

  • oh never mind it was the cops maybe they teamed up with santa and that’s were he got the lights lol

  • I have a feeling it was there parents whom else would’ve known them and had got there phones and knew they snuck out

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