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Campfire Stories

Scary campfire stories, short spooky ghost tales and creepy urban legends for kids and adults. Boy scouts and girl scouts have been telling gruesome tales of horror around the fire at Summer camps for decades. These grisly stories about crazed killers, escaped mental patients and insane axe murderers will leave you quaking in your boots. But be warned! These campfire legends are not for the squeamish. If you tell these tales to your friends, they might think you’re a little funny in the head. Muhahahahahaha!

Campfire Stories

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  • I am so sorry!! I got the completely wrong story and stuff! I do apolagize, and I shall write up He Knows You again:

    There were two teenagers who were girlfriend and boyfriend. The boy was called Xhaviah and the girl was called Callie. They were walking home and talking about their plans tomorrow as they were going camping with two friends (a girl named Samantha and a boy called John (I know it isn’t really John but I forgot his name, sorry!)) in the forest.

    Samantha and John were having a romantic stroll around and soon got bored. They were on their way back but John needed the loo, so Samantha stayed back and John went deeper into the forest to have a pee. He turned round and had a bit of a fright when he saw his girlfriend Samantha standing there. He said, “You didn’t watch me pee, did you?”, and when Samantha didn’t answer, he smiled at her and hugged her. He was horrified at what he saw; he saw his girlfriend collapse and blood squirted everywhere. He screamed and ran as fast as he could, tears blurring his vision. He bumped into something and saw a tall man standing there with a sharp machette, covered in blood. He backed away and the mysterious man cut his arms off, and there was blood everywhere!! “He knows you . . .” the man said. He continued his cutting and finally said, “Bye bye!!” And chopped John’s head clean off.

    Callie and Xhaviah woke up and Callie had a feeling that something bad happened to their two friends, but Xhaviah just said that they probably fell asleep somewhere else after a night of fun. Callie still wasn’t satisfied and went to find her friends. She asked her boyfriend to come, but he said his hair was too wild and just because they were camping didn’t mean that he didn’t have to be hot. Callie rolled her eyes and said goodbye and walked off. She soon came across Samantha’s dead corpse and guts everywhere and was so sickened by the sight that she vomited over Samantha . . .

    I will finish it later.

  • If there is somebody who wants to read Axeman, if I am correct I read this story ages ago, but strangely enough I still remember most of it:

    There were six teenagers out on a camp. They were sitting around the fire telling spooky stories, as you would expect. One of the teenagers needed the toilet so they went to the toilet to do their business, and when they didn’t return her/his friends started panicking. They went around the Camp area in search for the missing teenager, and then one of them saw a pool of blood. Her glance moved to find her friend’s body cut in half at the top of the hip. She gasped in horror and immediately felt a sharp pain across her body, and she fell to the floor. She didn’t die instantly, but slowly bled to death. The others realized that she had gone missing and went to find her. Stupidly they let themselves be separated and one-by-one they all had the same fate as the last two teenagers. Eventually only two remained and they were a boyfriend and a girlfriend and the girl was scared and confused. The boyfriend was in the toilet (not literally) and they had both missed the murders. When he came out he gave her a little hug to say that he loved her. He was horrified at what he saw; when he lifted his arm back up there was his girlfriend’s blood on his arm, and when he let go her body slumped and her body and up fell back and her legs slumped to the ground. The last thing the boy ever saw was the glint of a bloody axe coming his way.

    Sorry if it was the wrong story, and I hope you liked it! It wasn’t word from word and half of it was made up, but the same sort of thing happened. The bit at the end is all true (well, I mean that happened in the story). That was all by memory from about a year ago. I haven’t been on the website for a while since I had a bad incident with my friend on a sleepover. We were surfing this website and we were on Scary Games and saw one labelled Bubble Wrap with pictures of bubble wrap. I said to her, “Don’t you just love popping bubble wrap?” and she said, “I’ll go on it on a second” We had never imagined it would be a pop-up game and so we played on it and she was having a go first. I was bored so I read the description. It read, “Normally popping bubbles is relaxing, but in this twisted game if you pop certain bubbles scary Exorcist girl appears.” And I tried to warn my friend by saying, “Tilly! Stop!” And when she ignored me I said it again, “Tilly, STOP NOW!!” And she just thought that I wanted a go so she popped a certain bubble and looked at me and said, “What?” And my eyes were glued to the screen. She saw my horrified face first, then the terrifying screams kicked in and I was so horrified I couldn’t bear to look for even one more second and I hid my face behind Tilly’s back without thinking and squeezed my eyes shut and she flipped the laptop over. Also the face stayed until you deleted it, and I had to delete it. Then we played it in the morning again and Tilly got rid of it. I then made everyone I knew play it! :D

  • eXtraordinary_ghost,
    If I ever had friends like that, I would haunt them after my death…then text them creepy messages…Then…TORTURE THEM TO DEATH.

  • Camp place
    -there was a girl named Lea…she was 18 years old,her parents were separated so she decided to walk away from their home because of too much suffer.she was now living in the house of her friend.
    one day,they decided to go to have a campfire in the forest.while Lea was on the van,she saw that the forest around them was very silent.she thought that the place they were going to camp was full of she just sleep on the van to have an energy to build their tent on the forest.
    when she woke up,she was already on the camping area.they carry all their things and bags.while they were walking,she found a man with an axe that following them.her body was shaking with fear.she tried to ignore the man but she realized that she was not already with her friends now.she heard a roaring sound from the man….the roaring sound continued.the sound was like the man was very angry,she began running away from the man.then she found her friends and banged one of them…
    “why are you running?”one of her friends asked.
    “I-i saw a man!holding a-an axe,he was very angry,he wants to kill us!”
    “what are you saying?”
    “loo-look there!” Lea pointed at the place where she had been.
    “we don’t see now,would you please calm down?”
    Lea followed her friends and didn’t look back to the place where the man with an axe had been.
    when the night came,they began building their tents…Lea was with her friend who let her to live with them.they made a fire.
    when they were on their tent,everybody was asleep except for Lea,she was still thinking about the man.she just decided to go sleep.
    when she was sleeping,she heard someone walking from one of her friends’ tent.she go outside,she thought it was her friend.
    “your still awa-” she broke and shocked with fear…
    she saw again the man with an axe and he’s hands were full of blood.and now the man is looking
    at her now.Lea’s hair in her arms were standing straight,she was sweating,she don’t know what to do they were facing each other.
    at first,she didn’t see the man’s face because it’s dark.but it go near the fire,the man’s head was totally a mess.he’s one eye was missing.
    while her mouth was full of blood.he had no ears.and worst of all,he’s neck was half cutted.
    Lea tried to get back at her tent but she was thinking about her friend.she bagan running,but then,she was surprised that the man
    was already in front of her.she run again,back to their camp place.but then,her friends were gone…
    all their things and even the tent were she’s hiding in the tree.she heard her phone rang,it was one of her friends who called her…
    “enjoy your campfire!”
    and then she realized that their a sign,written
    “this is not a camping area.any one who get here will saw a man with an axe.he hates everybody going in he’s place.”

  • I’m glad I can read some now. White eyes sounds creepy, if u read the white death first;)

  • 123chocobo
    nurse is in stories to tell in the dark :)
    i already read click clack… it was not that scary, in my opinion…

  • you can read some of these in other places on the site

    click clack = Japanese legends – Tek Tek

    Severed hand = nurse = i think its in urban legends

    hope this helped =)

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