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Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley

The Bowling Alley was a scary story told around a campfire in the horror movie Cabin Fever.

Bowling Alley

So there was this bowling alley when we were growing up. You guys might remember it… Lenny Meads Brighton Bowl. We used to go there for birthday parties or with my dad for the weekend. This one time, I asked my dad if we could go and he was like, “No! The bowling alley’s closed!”

It turned out there had been a break-in. All the employees were held at gunpoint and then, after they had been gagged and beaten, they were tied to chairs. The chairs were set in a circle, so that way everybody was forced to watch everybody else. And then the robber, this sick maniac, he goes and finds one of those little ball-peen hammers. And one by one… he smashed the backs of their heads open with the hammer. Everyone had to watch their friends die, knowing that they’d soon be next.

The guy didn’t stop there. He breaks out the fire axe. The alarm goes off… he doesn’t care. He hacked off all of their limbs. The cops found six bloody torsos tied to the bowling seats… Blood everywhere… It turns out the guy was some disgruntled employee. That was my childhood playground.

I’ll tell you about the happy bald guy. He was the guy who gave us our shoes and quarters for the video games. There was a room with a pool table, but my dad wouldn’t let us go there. The bald guy was always happy, always smiling. But the killer got him too. When the cops searched the place, they found all the hacked off limbs at the end of the bowling lanes. The guy had bowled with people’s organs… Arms, legs, everything. They found the bald guy’s head in the ball return.

He was still smiling.

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