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Victor Crowley

Victor Crowley

Is Victor Crowley real? The legend of Victor Crowley or “Hatchet Face” is a supposedly true story that was told in the movie Hatchet. It was actually a campfire story that the director Adam Green invented when he was only 8 years old to scare other kids at his summer camp.

Victor Crowley

Now, here on the Mississippi Bayou, hundreds of fishermen and old pirates have lost their lives. And if we’re lucky, we might be able to see their souls floating over the waters where they up and died.

Remember, you don’t need to keep all your fingers and toes onboard, just the ones you want to keep. There’s big alligators in these here waters.

Now, coming up, you’ll all see an old house with a barn behind it. That right there is the home of a real famous Louisiana legend, Victor Crowley… Hatchet Face.

The legend is that he was a hideously deformed man whose own father went nuts and whacked him in the face with a hatchet one night. At least that’s how the legend goes. But here’s the true story.

Victor Crowley was born horribly disfigured. His daddy kept him hidden away in his house, where no one would see him. They lived like that for years, just keeping to themselves, all alone out here in the woods.

Victor was scared to death of other kids. They teased him and tortured him, like kids do. They were so cruel.

One Halloween night, some teenagers came to the house. They were trying to get a look at him, trying to scare him out. So, they started throwing firecrackers at the house. One of the firecrackers went through the window and set the house on fire.

When Mr. Crowley got home, the house was in flames and his son was trapped inside. He tried and tried to get inside, but the door was on fire. He could hear Victor screaming inside, but he couldn’t get in.

So he ran and got himself a hatchet, and he started chopping at that door. But what his daddy didn’t realize was that Victor was pressed up against the other side, trying to get out. And it was an accident, but he hit him in the face with that hatchet, and poor Victor Crowley died.

The old man became a recluse after that. He never left his house, just sat there for almost ten years, before he finally died of a broken heart. And from that point on, people started disappearing in this swamp.

All the locals and hunters say that if you get close enough to the Crowley house at night, you can still hear Victor Crowley, crying for his daddy in the woods.

Victor Crowley is real. Like a ghost who can rip someone to pieces right in front of you. My mama always said that sometimes, if a person dies all traumatic-like, then their spirit can get kind of just stuck in the night they died.

If we don’t get out of these woods right now, we’re all gonna die. These are his woods. Victor Crowley’s woods.

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  • LoL I can just hear Danielle Harris’ asking has anybody seen
    my Daddy…. over and over again. It’s like hush up bitch he dead!!!

  • LoL I can just hear Danielle Harris’ asking has anybody my Daddy…. over and over again. It’s like hush up bitch he dead!!!

  • For those saying poor Victor, I don’t judge you this is a very sad story. But let’s think about how this went down. Someone is poor if they knew something else before what happened. I agree with the poor part about the house burning down. But with the part with the kids teasing him, it’s all he’s ever known, since he has come in contact with these kids. So go ahead, call me insensitive, but there is only on ‘”‘poor'”‘ part I agree, and that is the ever tragic story of the father and the hachet.

  • poor victor . If he knew the woods were haunted why would he go into them:/? the man telling the story I mean, not victor.

  • Aw, the poor little kid…And for some very odd reason, i think that the last 2 sentences are a little funny…”We’re all gonna die!” haha…yeah, i know im a little weird but don’t judge me

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