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Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

The Broken Teeth is a scary campfire story about a horrible man-eating beast that feasts on human flesh.

Broken Teeth

“So you want a scary story then?” said the camp counselor as we gathered around the fire and roasted our marshmallows. “I’ll tell you something that will give you nightmares and it’s no urban legend. This is the true story of The Thing With The Broken Teeth.”

The counselor lowered his voice to properly convey the horror of his tale.

“In a town not far from here, on an evening not unlike this evening, a young girl named Sally Sprinkles was walking home from school. It was the middle of Winter and it was already growing dark. Most people were at home, warming themselves by the fire.

As she wandered alone through the empty streets, the little girl had no idea that something was stalking her… Something monstrous… Something vile… Something with broken teeth…”

The counselor paused for effect as we hung on his every word.

“Little Sally Sprinkles never made it home that night. Her worried parents searched for her all night, hoping against hope that she had merely gotten lost on her way home. The next morning, the police stumbled upon what remained of the poor little child. All that was still recognizable was a pair of half-chewed legs and a blood-stained school uniform.

Hundreds of policemen combed the streets of the town, checking lanes and alleyways, searching parks and woods, going from house to house asking if anyone had seen something suspicious the night before. No matter how much they searched and searched, they didn’t find a single clue.

Just as they were about to call it a night, they heard a horrifying scream shatter the silence of the night. Every police officer on duty that night rushed towards the source of the noise. It was coming from the same darkened street where the mangled corpse of poor Sally Sprinkles had been found.

As they turned the corner, the policemen froze in their tracks and stared in horror. It was the most terrible sight that any of them had ever witnessed. The shredded remnants of least ten dead bodies lay scattered across the street and the road was thick with blood.

There, at the centre of all the carnage, was the most hideous-looking beast anyone had ever laid eyes on. It stood nearly eight feet tall and its body was covered in matted hair. It had long sharp teeth that were chipped and broken. Blood drooled from its mouth and in its claws, it was clutching hunks of human flesh.

For a few moments, the beast just stared at the police officers as they trembled in fear at the sight of it. Then, it took a step towards them. The officers pulled out their guns and fired.

The terrible creature let out a blood-curdling screech and fled off into the night, leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

Since that fateful night, nobody has caught another glimpse of the wretched thing… Nobody who lived to tell the tale, anyway.”

A chill raced down our spines and every one of us shivered in awe and fear, huddling closer together and glancing around at the surrounding trees.

“That’s not true,” shouted one of the kids. “You’re just making it up!”

“Oh is that what you think?” asked the counselor. “Well it just so happens that I saved a little souvenier from that night…”

Without another word, the camp counselor stood up and reached into his coat pocket. What he pulled out made every one of us scream in terror.

It was a severed human finger.

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