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Watermelon Baby

Watermelon Baby

Watermelon Baby is a scary story about a feral child who was raised on nothing but watermelons. It is a campfire told in summer camps in Pennsylvania.

There is a strange legend told by camp counselors in Pennsylvania. It involves a beat up old house just along Route 78 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike. In that very house, many years ago, a baby boy was born. His parents were mean and abusive and they kept him locked up in the basement.

As the child grew older, they never let him out. He was deprived of sunlight, food and all the basic needs of a normal human being. The only thing they gave him to eat was watermelon. Every few days, his parents would open the basement door and toss a watermelon down the stairs. He survived for years and years on nothing but watermelon seeds and rinds.

Now, this Watermelon Baby still resides alone in the decrepit old shack where he grew up. It is visible from the highway, but the Watermelon Baby does not welcome visitors. Occasionally, travelers passing by will notice a dim light flickering in the window of the unstable home. There are the rumors of the college kids being chased away by the unintelligible large and freaky resident. It seems that everyone in Pennsylvania has a friend of a friend that has encountered the mutated being.

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