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Fire Fire

Fire Fire

Fire Fire is a scary campfire story about some teenagers who go camping in the wilderness.

Fire Fire

A group of teenagers decided to go camping in the wilderness. There were six of them altogether. Three boys named William, Vincent and Mark and three girls named Julie, Cecilia and Cynthia. They packed their camping gear into the boot of the car and drove out to the campgrounds.

That evening, they set up their tents and unrolled their sleeping bags. As night fell, they built a campfire and gathered around it to roast marshmallows. Seated in a circle around the crackling flames, they began to tell ghost stories.

Suddenly, they heard a voice screaming from the darkness:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

At first, they thought it was just one of the boys playing a joke on them. They turned to where William was sitting, since he was the most mischievous one in the group, but he was gone. They assumed he must have gotten up to go to the bathroom in the forest, so they resumed their conversation.

Just as one of them was about to start another horror story, they heard the voice shout again:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

They looked around, but they couldn’t make out anything in the pitch black night. Then, one of the boys exclaimed:

“Hey, look! Julie’s gone!”

She had been sitting opposite him just a few moments earlier, but now her seat was empty. The teenagers began to get nervous, especially since William had not returned. Usually, after one of his pranks, he would come back laughing and making fun of them. They tried to dismiss their fears and continued with their horror stories.

Suddenly, from the darkness, the voice boomed out again:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

This time, when they turned around, they noticed that Vincent was missing. At this, they became seriously frightened. Only three of them remained seated around the campfire. Anxiously, they peered into the darkness, wondering what was going on. Cecilia was trembling with fear.

“Where do you think they are?” she whispered, her voice shaking.

Mark was about to answer, when he was interrupted by the deep voice:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

Mark was taken by surprise and almost fell off the log her was sitting on. When he steadied himself, he realized that only he and Cynthia remained around the campfire. Cecilia has disappeared.

Since there were only two of them left, they made a solemn promise that would not leave eachother. Mark had a sneaking suspicion that the others were hiding in the woods and trying not to laugh as they watched him and Cynthia shaking in their boots.

Again, the voice cried out:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

Cynthia hid her face in her hands. She was too terrified to look.

“Mark?” she hissed. “Mark, what’s going on?”

There was no answer. Slowly, she parted her fingers and found herself all alone. She began to panic and burst into tears. She sat on the log as the fire crackled and jumped at the slightest noise coming from the woods. Clutching herself tightly, she began shaking like a leaf.

“I can’t take it anymore!” she yelled out in desperation. “Just get it over with!”

She heard the voice again:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

After that, she heard nothing more.

The next day, when they didn’t return home, the parents of the teenagers reported them missing. The police drove out to the campgrounds to investigate. Near the remains of an extinguished campfire, they found six headless corpses.

One of the officers approached the bodies to take a closer look, when suddenly he heard a voice scream out:

“Fire! Fire! Pretty fire! And your soul disappears!”

He turned, just in time to see a madman rushing at him with a bloody knife.

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