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Boy Scout

Boy Scout

Boy Scout Lane is a haunted road in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The road got its name because of a tragic event that occurred there.

Boy Scout

According to local legend, during the 1950s, a Boy Scout troop visited the area on an expedition where they hoped to earn a number of merit badges. They arrived in a bus and parked on the road. Then they set up camp in the woods. All of the boy scouts mysteriously disappeared on this road and were never seen again. Nobody knows what happened to them. They just vanished mysteriously without explanation and were never found.

Some say the boy scouts were murdered one-by-one that night in their sleep by their bus driver who had gone insane. Others believe the Boy scouts left their camp during the night and accidentally dropped their lantern, causing a forest fire that killed the entire troop.

Two boy scouts escaped the fate of the rest of the troop and set out to find help, only to become lost in the woods where they died of starvation.

The ghosts of the boy scouts now haunt the forest where they died. They can be heard hiking through the undergrowth, the lights from their lanterns have been seen at night as they try to find help, or search for their fellow scouts.

Boy Scout

People who explore the woods around Boy Scout Lane say they have experienced a strong sense of foreboding and the sensation that they are being watched. They have heard the sound of footsteps and breaking branches coming from all around them. Others have seen unusual red or white lights swinging through the trees. Some have even reported seeing a ghostly bus filled with the transparent figures of children.

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