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Onion Head

Onion Head

Onion Head is a scary legend from Louisiana about a grotesquely disfigured man who haunts a cemetery.

Onion Head

The legend of Onion Head begins sixty years ago in the small town of Slidell, Louisiana. There was a giant of a man with a grotesque face who roamed the woods. He lived there in a shack with his mother and seldom left his home.

He was disfigured by a childhood disease that distorted his head. The locals cruelly nickname him Onionhead. To escape their taunts, he stayed out in the woods with his mother and never ventured into town.

One day, a young girl was found murdered out in the woods. The local people decided that Onion Head must have killed her. Before the police had a chance to investigate, the townsfolk formed a mob and went out in the woods to capture Onion Head in his shack.

When he saw the angry mob approaching, Onion Head fled from the shack. His mother tried to reason with the townsfolk, but it was no use. They were baying for her son’s blood. She told them she would put a curse on anyone who harmed her disfigured son.

The mob hunted Onion Head down and found him hiding in a ditch. Filled with rage, they killed him and dismembered his corpse. They cut him into thirteen pieces and buried him in the graveyard.

The next morning, the police captured the real murderer. It was a drifter who was passing through town. The townsfolk realized that Onion Head had been innocent.

As time went on, there were a series of grisly murders in the town. The victims all had something in common. Every one of them had been part of the mob that killed Onion Head. At every crime scene, the unidentified killer had scrawled a message on the wall in blood.

It read: “If you were there, I’m coming to kill you too”

The message was signed “Onion Head”.

According to the legend, Onion Head is now the perpetual caretaker of the cemetery in Slidell, Louisiana. He took his revenge on the townsfolk who murdered him and now he lies in wait for anyone who is foolish enough to enter the cemetery.

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    – you’re welcome :P Actually tbh I don’t really know what a book deal is either (I just heard it and thought “eh. Sounds fancy”) – just write it in a book is basically my idea :D

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