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  • What about the 6th clinic. Its rumered to be an abandoned hospital that you can have anything, but the price is to sell your soul to the devil. It is called e 6th clinic because 6 is the devils number.

  • Here is a story made by me:
    Floral Hand
    Once, in a distant valley, lived an orphaned girl Sara with her grandma. She was 12 years old and studied in a nearby school in 6th class. She was not interested in her studies. She didn’t completed her h.w. She was good in singing and every evening, went to the woods and sang to herself, while helping her grandma to pluck flowers. They sold the flowers and earned a meagre income. Sara usually plucked red roses and used to sing a melancholy song. One day, her grandma fell ill. Sara had to go to the woods herself and pluck flowers. While she was plucking flowers, she noticed a strange looking flower, which looked like a human hand. It was white. She tried to pluck it. Instead of a flower, it was a severed human hand. Sara jumped in horror and ran towards her house. She told her grandma the whole matter. But her grandma wasn’t shocked, instead, she gave her a cold smile and pointed towards her right hand with her left. Her right hand was gone.

  • House of mirrors is pretty cool…SFK why dont u post something new I just went through the whole stuff like three times already

  • I’m afraid to go to sleep I just heard a ghastly voice but it could have been my bro’s anime

  • I have to go to bed in a half hour….XD I’m scared to read some of these stories…LMAO

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