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Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps

The Speed Bumps is a scary urban myth about a road in New Jersey that is haunted by 13 dead witches.

Speed Bumps

According to the legend, there is a certain road in Watchung, New Jersey known as 13 Bumps Road. It is a long and winding road and when you drive up it, there are 13 large bumps in the middle of the road. They say that, centuries ago, 13 witches were killed and buried on the road.

As the story goes, in the mid 1700s, there were 13 sisters who plagued the local town of Feltville, which is now part of the Watchung Reservation. The sisters formed a coven of 13 witches and cast spells on early settlers of the mountain range. They were responsible for killing many of children of the settlers.

Supposedly the settlers took matters in to their own hands one day and killed all 13 witches by hanging them from trees somewhere in the mountains. Then they proceeded to burn the bodies of the witches and they buried their remains on the dirt road.

Many years later, when the road was paved, 13 bumps emerged out of the ground. The townsfolk dug up the road, leveled off the bumps and paved it over. One week after the paving of the road, the 13 bumps in the middle of the road had returned.

Every time they try to remove the bumps, they just reappear. They say that the witches wanted to remind the townsfolk of what they had done.

Legend has it that if you count the bumps as you drive along the road and you only count 12, then you’re supposed to get the hell out of there because there is a witch following your car.

You’re supposed to drive over the bumps and count them, then say “thirteen witches” out loud. If you look behind you, the witches will be chasing you.

This road has become a major attraction for teenagers who go out on dates and drive over the thirteen bumps. The guys and the girls tell the story of the witches and the 13 bumps and freak each other out.

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