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Hatchet Lady

Hatchet Lady

The Hatchet Lady is a scary urban legend about a ghostly woman that haunts lovers’ lanes and preys on kissing couples. Some say she appears in Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. Others claim she is in Moon Point Cemetery in Illinois, Arbor Hill in Albany, New York or Buie Park in Stamford, Texas.

Hatchet Lady

Back in the 1880s, there was a beautiful young woman who was engaged to be married to a local man. The night before the wedding, she caught him cheating on her with another woman. She flew into a furious rage and grabbed a hatchet. She brutally attacked him, swinging the hatchet until all of her rage was spent and she had hacked him to pieces.

Ever since then, they say The Hatchet Lady haunts lovers’ lanes. If a young couple happen to be out after midnight, the Hatchet Lady becomes infuriated and is likely to appear. They say she is a haggard old woman with dark, black eyes and she carries a hatchet in her hand that is covered in blood.

One night, a teenage boy decided to play a prank on his girlfriend. It was supposed to be a joke. He got one of his friends to dress as The Hatchet Lady, with a wig, a black cloak and a hatchet covered in red paint. The teenager was going to take his girlfriend and another young couple and drive out to where the Hatchet Lady was supposed to appear. The plan was that when they got there, the boy’s friend was supposed to jump out of the bushes in the creepy costume and scare everyone.

The two young couples showed up and parked the car in a deserted lovers’ lane. It was after midnight and they waited for something to happen. The teenage boy shouted out The Hatchet Lady’s name nine times. Just then, a shadowy figure emerged from the trees. As it came closer, they saw that it was an old woman with black eyes and she was holding a hatchet.

The boy was laughing because his girlfriend and the others were scared out of their wits. His window was down and his arm was leaning on it. All of a sudden, the woman swung her hatchet and hacked off his arm. Everybody in the car was splattered with the blood.

They managed to get away and doctors at the local hospital managed to save the boy’s life. They say his girlfriend went insane and spent some time in a mental hospital. The other couple in the back seat were extremely traumatized. As it turned out, the friend who was supposed to play the prank on them was found dead in the bushes. They say he had been dead for hours beofre any of this happened.

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  • And there’s another reason not to smoochyour girlfriend in the middle of a park 😂

  • Anyone remembers the creepypasta “Ticci Toby” when they look at the name “Hachet Lady”?

  • Sfk,If you don’t mind there’s a mistake in the second last line “They say he had been dead for hours *before* any of this happened”…..
    Please correct it…..
    Anyways,3rd person to comment…… :)

  • @Illusionist_6 Ghosts usually attack or kill people because their spirits are unable to accept what happened to them (ie. a violent death, unfinished buisness etc.) Over time, they go insane and start killing people that “fit into the category” i guess

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