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Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary is a famous ghost story about Archer Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. According to the legend, there have been numerous sightings of a ghostly young woman near Resurrection Cemetery wearing a long, white, flowing gown.

Resurrection Mary

Back in 1930, a young woman named Mary attended a dance and had an argument with her boyfriend. Mary ran out into the night and hitchhiked down Archer Avenue on that cold winter night. She was hit by a car and killed on impact. The driver fled the scene of the accident.

Mary was buried in Resurrection Cemetery, and ever since then, her ghost has been spotted walking down Archer Avenue and also at the ballroom where she danced that fateful night.

People who see Resurrection Mary say she is a young blond-haired, blue-eyed girl, dressed in a long white ball gown and dancing shoes. Some drivers have actually stopped and let her into their cars. They say her skin is cold and clammy to touch. She a;lways asks them to let her out at the cemetery gates and then suddenly disappears into thin air.

In 1976, a passerby called the police after noticing a woman who appeared to be locked inside Resurrection Cemetery. When the police arrived, the woman was nowhere to be seen but there was physical evidence that the bars on the gate were bent apart. Not only that, her ghostly handprints were embedded in the bars.

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