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Death Cab

Death Cab

The Death Cab is a spooky urban legend from Argentina about a taxi that is said to lurk outside cemeteries, waiting for an unwitting victim to step inside so it can take them on a chilling journey to their doom.

Death Cab

In Argentina, there is an urban legend that has spread by word of mouth. People take taxis every day. It’s something you do almost without thinking. If it is late or it is raining, you might take hail a cab to take you to your destination.

However, in Argentina, they say that you should never hail a cab outside a cemetery. If you do, you may Unknowingly be stepping into the dreaded “Taxi de los muertos”… The Death Cab.

Legend has it that this supernatural taxi of death lurks outside cemeteries, waiting for an unwitting victim to get inside. As the story goes, a young Argentinian woman named Claudia was on her way home one night. She had left work quite late and it was raining heavily. She was too tired to walk all the way to her apartment, so she decided to take a taxi home instead.

As she walked down the lonely street that led past the cemetery, she suddenly saw a taxi coming towards her. She held out her hand and hailed the cab. When it stopped, climbed and gave the driver her address.

Sitting it the back seat, wiping the rain from her brow, she suddenly began to feel very cold… much colder than she had ever felt before. looking around, she noticed that the windows were covered with ice. It was then that she realized they were going the wrong way.

She was about to say something to the driver when she caught sight of his hands on the steering wheel. His skin was pale and leathery and his fingers were almost skeletal. She couldn’t see his face in the rear view mirror.

“We’re going the wrong way,” she blurted out.

The driver didn’t answer. he just kept on driving as if he hadn’t heard a word she said.

When she raised her hand to touch his shoulder, the driver slowly turned his head. Claudia screamed in horror. His face looked like a corpse. The skin was withered and clung tightly to the bones.

She tried to open the back door and jump out, but the door handle came off in her hands. She tried to put the window down but the button didn’t work. She saw a young couple walking down the street, so she shouted to them and banged on the window, trying to attract their attention. They didn’t hear her.

The taxi continued on its way, seemingly unstoppable.

Claudia became frantic. Desperate to escape, she attacked the driver and tried to scratch his face with her nails. His rotting skin came off in her hands, revealing the gleaming skull underneath.

The taxi began to speed up, going faster and faster along the rain-soaked city streets. Claudia looked behind her and on the back window she saw a sign that read:

“Prepare to die!”

Claudia never seen again.

No one knows for certain whether or not this urban legend is true. The only ones who know for sure are the people who have been kidnapped by the death cab and they can never tell us what happened to them. We may never know, but just in case, take care and keep your wits about you. If you are walking by a cemetery, never ever call a cab.

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  • wtf dis is shmit! it iz rainyz hopz itz stayz allz dayz butz serisz Iz meanz idz readz disz alreadzzzz fz thisz shitz

  • I need more stories or I will come right in front of your bed by tomorrow 12:30

    Just kidding but pls I need more stories or I won’t survive

  • You’re just unlucky I’m afraid :P.

    Anyway, why hasn’t my story been posted yet? To the recent posts to the right of the page?

  • y is my story not getting posted in the comments section??..i posted it twice but it is being removed..

    Scaryforkids says: Ria, your story is already in the Tell Me Your Story comments section where it belongs. No need to post it all over the place. I am reading it.

  • FINALLY!!! I have a account,I couldnt get a account before because I couldnt find the “Sign up” button… :P

  • Hello guys. here is my horror story:

    Blueflower Hotel

    Ever heard of Blueflower Hotel? Blueflower Hotel is an American hotel that lies in an unknown rural part of America. It’s exact location is unknown, nor when it was built and demolished. The only proved existence of the hotel is an urban legend passed down from generation to generation. The urban legend puts Blueflower Hotel in Pennsylvania.
    My mother, before she died, she managed to tell me the story. I was only 9, and, it was utterly shocking. THE LEGEND: Blueflower Hotel was built in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 1913 by Edward Provington.
    For a while, the Hotel was doing amazing. The hallways were clean and serene as always, and the concierge was bright to visitors. Vandals at the hotel simply did not exist. Many people in Westmoreland flocked to the Hotel, in order to visit Blueflower. In a matter of weeks, local newspapers declared the Hotel as a true portal to heaven, praising it’s rooms, it’s daily entertainment, and it’s own little community who largely visited the place.
    In 1917, Edward had introduced his new wife Maria to the hotel, and she revealed her parents were there. Edward at first became suspicious. Why would such an amazing woman that holds all the qualities found in a man’s dreams need permission from her parents? Nevertheless, Edward had gone with Maria.
    However, Maria had forgotten to reveal something to Edward. Her father, Michael, was abusive and was in prison for 6 years and survived suicide when his father, Richard, had killed his mother and made Michael go mad. This turned him evil and psychopathic. Maria’s mother Jennifer, had been sexually abused by her lesbian parents. She too, lost all hold of her humanity.
    Edward’s life was cut short after being introduced to Michael and Jennifer. But so did he and Maria’s head. Michael, had willingly decapitated Maria and Edward’s head, then displacing there facial features and sewing them together. A laugh. An eerie, despicable laugh had filled the entire room.
    Six weeks later, authorities had found Maria and Edward’s remains. Unfortunately, they were unable to visualise who they were – their bodies were too decomposed for recognition and, it is said that when the bodies were taken away by the authorities, all who had seen the remains were cursed.
    A while after, anyone who had visited Room 111 had never stayed themselves after staying in the room. Some say that the people had their throats slit and their eyeballs placed into their necks. Some say that the visitors to the room had their facial features displaced too. Some say their intestines were ripped through their mouths, and an unknown figure had used to the intestines to then strangle them.
    No one really knows. But according to the legend, a young woman named Vera had visited the room once, unwillingly unaware of what to come. It is reported that Vera claimed to have seen a figure, with it’s torso ripped in half and it’s spine wrapped around it’s head, had attempted to stuff it’s spine down her mouth, then rip out her kidneys and use them as blindfolds.
    The only way Vera escaped was by forcefully wishing the demon away. According to this legend, the demon was that of a soul that had fell from the heavens into hell, right through where the hotel was built. It is claimed that Satan had disfigured it terribly, according to superstition in the area. Don’t ask me who believed in this crap; the Hotel is long gone. So is the superstition; both forgotten.
    The one thing that shocked me the most about this legend my mother would tell me if I was bad, was that Vera’s encounter, had taken place in 1898, fifteen years before the Hotel was built. The old Hotel, was apparently the Rosetown Hotel.
    The one fact about Vera that used to scare me the most…do you really want to hear it? Do you?
    It is said that after Vera’s encounter, she had gone insane and was subjected to the death penalty. But her parents Amanda and Tiffany supported her all the way. It was through them that she escaped. It was then through those two that she decided to change her name to Jennifer. And it…was then she met Michael. And through Michael, it was the time for her decision to brutally kill Edward and Maria.

  • @silver: Because her friends, relations and parents know she is missing and didnt come back after work. There might’ve also been witnesses which saw her climbing into the car…

    But you never know.

  • Wher I live, taxis are like kangaroos in Australia, if you look for them, you’ll find them.

  • hmm i tink i’m lucky since i’ve been hailing taxi just infront of the cemetery

  • Where I live, taxis are about as common as unicorns galloping over skittles rainbows with giant midgets riding them.

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