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Hot Rod Girl

Hot Rod Girl

Hot Rod Girl is the haunting true story of a girl named Sarah Mitchell who met her death in a place called Hot Rod Haven. Her ghost now haunts the area, scaring passing motorists.

Hot Rod Girl

The place known today as “Hot Rod Haven” is actually a winding and twisting stretch of road called Mitchell Hill Road. Years ago, it used to be a popular spot for teenagers to go and test their racing skills and their cars. That all ended when two teenagers did not come back alive.

Back in 1946, a young woman Sarah Mitchell and her date Roy Clarke were on their way to a dance. As they were coming down the hill, Clarke lost control of the car and crashed at the curve. Both teenagers were killed on impact.

Since that time, reports claim that the girl’s ghost has been seen wandering up the roadway and aimlessly strolling the cemetery at the top of the hill. Over the years, many drivers have seen the apparition on the road at night.

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