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Spook Light

Spook Light

Spook Light Hill is a small area between Joplin, Missouri and Hornet. Here’s the story of the famous spooklight and how it got its name.

Spook Light

One dark and rainy night, a farmer’s daughter was driving home from her job in town. As she neared her house, she drove up a small hill. She was driving too fast for the wet weather and her car began to slide and she crashed into a tree. Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and the force of the impact caused her to be thrown through the windshield.

The police and the fire department arrived and were horrified by what they found. When they tried to get her out of the car, they realized she was dead. She had been decapitated by the crash. Her body was stuck halfway through the windshield, but her head was nowhere to be found.

Police searched all over the area with flashlights, but they couldn’t figure out what had happened to her head. They decided to wait until daylight to search further. They broke the horrible news to her father who collapsed in tears.

The next morning, her grieving father returned to the scene of the accident to help the police search for his daughter’s severed head. But they never found it. They say her poor father had to bury her without her head. It was a closed coffin funeral.

In the years afterwards, her father became obsessed with finding the missing head. Every day, he searched up and down the road in vain. At night, he would come back with a lantern and search the fields around the area, hoping to find some trace of his daughter’s head. But to no avail.

The father lost all interest in life. He let his farm fall to ruin. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t live until he found the head. His health failed and he died soon afterwards, never having found his daughter’s head.

Since then, many neighbors say they have seen the light from the old man’s lantern still moving up and down Spook Light Hill at night. They say his ghost has been seen lurking in the shadows of Spooklight Hill, walking up and down, back and forth, still searching for that missing head.

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  • I have an urban legend, I heard it when I was 6 and it scared the *shizzles* outta me.. I don’t remember the most of it but here’s the part I remember …Well here it goes…
    One windy and rainy night, a group of kids were having a sleepover and their uncle or father comes in and starts telling them that on a dark and windy and rainy night like this a man holding a lantern went to the train station to catch a cheap late train. The man had night blindness or something because he couldn’t see the train coming and as soon as he peeked to look at the train, the train came crashing in and he got decapitated. There was some sort of legend that at every stormy night like this one the headless train man comes to look for his missing head. The kids decided they would make a fake head out of some stuff (I don’t remember) and they grabbed some raincoats and headed to the train station. Sure enough, they found the headless guy holding a lantern looking for his head. They planted the fake head in a nearby bush and the headless man found it. The kids had seen enough so they went home with a hell of a story to tell their classmates. Then they got hungry or something so they opened the fridge and found the head they made covered in blood. It also had a note on it that said “JOKES ARE NOT ALWAYS SAFE”. The next day all the kids disappeared.
    Let me know if you guys like it and @scaryforkids I hope you post it.

  • um…how is this cute @Dark.imagination? I mean your comment is kinda creepy…and so is the story!

  • I wouldn’t waste the rest of my life looking for a head thats just plain freaky

  • OH MY GOD. I didn’t read where this was from! I live near St Louis. I’ve never heard of this legend. 0:

  • I live just south of Joplin. We’ve all heard of the spooklight, which can suposedly appear as a small light bouncing around through the air as nothing “natural” ever would. I’ve also heard that the light can become large and engulf a car sitting at the roadside, shaking it violently, or bouncing on top of the hood or roof. I am personally more than a little skeptical, as are a lot of other people; A guy I know who does a lot of coon hunting had this to say: “Man, I’ve hunted all around that place for 20 years, and I’ve never seen a thing.”

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