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The Turd is a sad story about a boy that falls in love with a girl who hates him, treats him like dirt and calls him horrible names.

The Turd

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bruno. He really loved this girl named Natasha. At school, he followed her to all of her classes and always tried to sit beside her. Whenever the other kids in school made fun of her or talked behind her back, Bruno would defend her.

One day, Bruno was standing next to his locker when he saw Natasha walking down the corridor. He just looked at her, that’s all he did.

She turned and saw him looking at her and said, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU UGLY TURD?”

Heartbroken, Bruno ran out of the school and didn’t come back. The next morning, he didn’t turn up for classes. Natasha didn’t care that he was gone. She barely even noticed his absence and acted like everything was just normal.

About 6 weeks later, Bruno turned up at school, but he wasn’t the same. His friends noticed a big change in him. He was unusually quiet and always had a funny look in his eyes. Also, he always sat alone.

Natasha saw him sitting by himself in the cafeteria and said, “LOOK EVERYONE! THE TURD’S BACK!”

Bruno just sat there as everyone laughed and laughed at him. His eyes started to water, so he covered his face.

All Bruno could hear was Natasha saying, “AAAW! IS THE LITTLE TURD GONNA CRY? HAHAHAHAHA…”

The next day, the whole school gathered to go assembly. Bruno stayed back in his classroom to have some private time. About 5 minutes later, Natasha walked into the classroom. She was crying.

Bruno decided to ask what was wrong

She just glared at hime and said, “F*** OFF! I DON’T TALK TO UGLIES!”

Bruno sat back down.

Suddenly, a crazed man with a gun ran through the door. He saw Natasha and pointed the gun at her.

“I just escaped from the prison for the criminally insane!” he shouted. “I need money to buy a bus ticket to Mexico! Empty your pockets!”

Shaking like a leaf, Natasha, emptied everything out of her pockets but she had no money. The man grew angry and was about to pull the trigger, when Bruno suddenly tackled him and wrestled him to the ground. They started to fight for the gun.

Suddenly, a shot rang out.

The man struggled to his feet and escaped through the open door. Natasha looked down and saw Bruno lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

“Why did you do it?” she asked, tears streaming down her face. “Why did you save me after everything I said to you?”

As the life ebbed from his body, Bruno looked up at her and replied, “Why do you care why I did it? I’m just a turd.”

With that, Bruno closed his eyes and died.

scary for kids


  • kind of didn’t make sense because why would someone tell a whole bunch of people where he was going and where he came from cos now the police are gonna find and apprehend him

  • Boom. Logic.

    “Actually I’m highly logical which allows me to look past extreme detail.”
    -Hermione Granger

    Guys Hermione is such an INSUFFERABLE KNOW-IT-ALL. (RESPECT SNAPE AND HIS WISDOM. ‘CAUSE HE WAS RIGHT.) Siriusly, though. Hermione really is a snotty know-it-all.

  • This story… XD XD XD

    Bruno Mars’s song “Grenade”. He loves a girl who would never love him back. He keeps saying that he would die for her… but she doesn’t give a crap. So… my theory is…


  • Here is my ending:

    Bruno died and Natashastarted to cry. Then all of a sudden Bruno sat up and said “Get pranked bitch!”

    Natasha walked out of he room and took a lighter. She lit the classroom on fire. Bruno was never heard from again.

    Natasha was hired by Michal Bay for his next movie.

  • Ohh! Bruno your sacrifice is really unremarkable! i salute you!!! -salutes-
    Who would not love a person like you??? That girl,, uh…what’s the name?!?…oh yea! Natasha…. she is a stupid silly F*cking b*tch!(please excuse my language but can’t control my emotions)

  • Bruno man! Your sacrifice was just awesome in spite of having a cruel lover. I respect you.

  • This is sad. Natasha is a cold hearted b*tch with no respect. I’d die to have a man like Bruno. I feel like crying right now 😢

  • Damn why did he die i would die to meet a guy like him and Natasha i hope that someday you feel the pain that he felt

    R.I.P. Bruno ariana grande 4life is right U R a legend

  • Its category is sad stories mr. Horrorstar. Read horror stories/ really scary stories

    BTW, cool story. 7/10 dead turds.

  • Well there isn’t anything scary in this story. I don’t like this type of stories. Sorry for that. This time its None outta 10 pizzas.

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