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Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl is a sad love story about a girl who had her head in the clouds and a boy that loved her but couldn’t wait for her.

Boy Meets Girl

The girl was pretty and she knew it. She could get any guy she wanted. The boy knew he didn’t stand a chance with her, but he never gave up.

Every night, the girl would meet a new guy. Sometimes, they would call her back. Sometimes they wouldn’t bother.

Every night, the girl would cry herself to sleep. She hated her life. She hated being used by guys. She wanted to meet a genuine guy, a guy with a true heart who would really love her.

The boy knew exactly what she was going through. He could see through all her fake smiles, but he never had the courage to speak up and tell her how he felt.

As time went by, the girl became more and more depressed. Even the fake smile on her face began to fade. All of her friends deserted her. They began to spread vile rumors about her. Her heart was broken and her past was beginning to catch up with her.

One day, the boy finally managed to work up the courage to tell her how he really felt about her. He wanted to take her away from the life she was living and show her what true love was like. He wanted to treat her the way a girl should be treated, with kindness and respect.

The boy made his way to her house. With every step, he rehearsed what he was going to say to her. He was so nervous. He was dreading what would happen if she turned him down. He hated rejection. He couldn’t stand the embarrassment.

He waited at the bottom of her driveway, unsure of what to do. Then, he saw a middle-aged man come out the front door. As the man walked past, he asked the boy if he was next.

The boy didn’t understand and slowly approached the front door. It was open, so he went inside. He saw arrows on the wall, pointing towards the lounge.

He saw a letter lying on the couch. It read:

Dear Mom,

I have finally made enough money to help you pay off all our debts. I hope this will make you happy. Mom, I’ve been thinking about something for a while now. I have ruined my life and I just can’t take it anymore. My whole life, all I’ve given you is sorrow. It would be better if I was gone from this world. You are better off without me. I know you will probably be too wasted on drugs and alcohol to understand what I am saying, Mom, but despite everything that has happened, I want you to know that I always loved you. What I am about to do is nobody’s fault but mine. My whole life, all I wanted was true love, Mom, but I guess it wasn’t for me. I guess it was never meant to be. Bye Mom, I love you.


The boy dropped the letter and began desperately looking for the girl. He was worried he might be too late to stop her. Just then, he heard the garage door close. He ran to the garage and found the girl sitting there on a chair. She was holding a knife.

He walked up to her and knelt down beside her. She looked at him and started to cry. Tears of shame flowed down her cheeks.

“All I ever wanted was true love,” she wailed.

The boy didn’t say anything. He just put his arms around her. He hugged her and held her close. He stayed with her all night and kept her company. He told her he would never let her go. For the first time in her life, she felt loved.

Then, suddenly, the boy couldn’t breathe. He began gasping for air. The girl asked what was wrong and realized that he had forgotten his inhaler. He was suffocating right before her eyes.

The girl didn’t know what to do. She wanted to run and get help, but she didn’t want to leave him alone, not even for a second. The boy didn’t want her to leave his side either. He had finally found true love and now he couldn’t bear to let it go.

Finally, the girl got up and tried to go for help, but the boy refused to allow her to leave. He told her he wanted her to hold him. He said he just wanted to stay in her arms. She sat next to him and held him tight. She kissed him on the cheek.

“You showed me what true love is,” she said. “You can’t leave without me.”

The boy looked up at her with tears flowing down his face. Then, his eyelids fluttered and his eyes closed. They didn’t open again.

The girl got up and searched the garage, opening cupboards and looking under tables. Then, all of a sudden, something caught her eye. It was her mom’s shotgun.

She lay down beside the boy and covered them both with a warm blanket. Looking up at the ceiling, she put the barrel of the shotgun in her mouth and started counting backwards.

10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

All the girl had ever wanted was to feel true love. Now that she had found it, she didn’t want to let it go.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

She pulled the trigger. There was a deafening boom and her brains splattered all over the garage.

Two young people died that night. They were killed by love.

Don’t let this happen to you. Tell that special someone how you feel about them before it’s too late.

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  • Then it turns out that the boy just fell asleep. It was Romeo and Juliet all over again.

  • Who let r/niceguys start the story and r/im14andthisisdeep finish it…

  • @Dobbyisfree i totally agree with you, it should be romantic…but not too romantic. The story is great tho!!!!!

  • Awww but i wouldn’t kill myself for love… Dont joke around with SUICIDE PEOPLE…. Remember that please. Im sure ScaryForKids would agree with me. :3 :3:3:3

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