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Stabbed in the Heart

Stabbed in the Heart

Stabbed in the Heart is a sad love story about a girl who meets a boy and loses him to someone else.

Stabbed in the Heart

A girl named Britney was head over heels in love with a boy named Mark. She loved him with all her heart and he loved her back. However, because they had met over the internet, they had never actually seen each other in person.

The problem was, Britney was only 15 and Mark was 21. There was a 6-year age gap and Britney’s parents thought he was too old for her.

Mark had the freedom to go and see her whenever he wanted, but Britney’s parents were very strict and they would not allow it. Even if it was only for a few seconds.

They kept trying to find ways to see each other but it seemed like everything kept getting in the way.

Eventually, on New Year’s Eve, Mark dropped by Britney’s house to get his lucky New Year’s kiss. Britney didn’t want to turn this down. She couldn’t take this anymore. She had to see him… and it had to be that night.

That night, she snuck out into her yard. A tall, slender figure was waiting at her gate. She smiled at him, but it was so dark that she couldn’t tell whether or not he was smiling back. She walked up to him and he stepped into the light and took her by the hand.

They both smiled and before they knew it, they were sharing the most romantic New Year’s kiss. Even people who were walking by had to stop and stare at the lovebirds.

A month passed and during that month, Britney and Mark saw quite a bit of each other.

Every morning, Mark would send her a text: “Good morning, Beautiful.”
and every night, before she went to bed, he would send her another text: “Goodnight, Baby.”

Sometimes, when she woke up in the morning, she would look out her window and Mark would be standing there, waving at her.

But one morning, she didn’t receive a text. By lunchtime, when she still hadn’t heard from him, she started to get worried.

She sent him a text: “Hey!” but there was no answer.

Two hours later, she sent him another text: “Hey, how are things?” but there was still no answer.

The next day, Britney went for a walk with her best friend. She needed to clear her head and there were some things she wanted to get off her chest. She couldn’t understand why Mark wouldn’t answer her texts.

Just down the street from her house, she saw Mark riding on his skateboard.

She ran up to him and asked, “Is everything alright? Why haven’t you been texting me?”

Mark just looked at her and laughed. Then he skated away.

Britney’s face turned red with embarrassment. She tried to hold back the tears, but it was no use. She couldn’t help it. They were already streaming down her cheeks. Trying to hide her shame, Britney turned and ran home. As she passed her best friend, she yelled, “I’m sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

That night, she sat in her room listening to songs that reminded her of Mark. She tried to keep her cool, but every once in a while, she would just burst into tears.

“it’s probably not that big of a deal,” she tried to tell herself.

The next morning, when Britney woke up, she looked out her window. Instead of seeing Mark’s warm, loving smile, she saw something that she never wanted or expected to see.

Mark… Yes, her Mark… was making out with her best friend.

When Britney saw them, she didn’t scream. She didn’t shout. She didn’t make a sound. She just turned and went downstairs to the kitchen.

As she opened one of the kitchen drawers, her mother asked, “What do you need, Honey? I’ll get it for you.”

Britney didn’t answer.

A few seconds later, she collapsed on the floor with a knife sticking out of her chest. She had plunged it straight through her heart.

As a pool of blood spread out around her, Britney’s mother called 911. The paramedics came and took her away while her mother sat in the corner, cradling her head in her hands and weeping uncontrollably.

The police searched Britney’s room and found a note. It read:

“To whoever finds this, I know it looked like I had everything… a loving family, a nice house to live in, a good education… but my reason for living simply stepped out of my life. You see, my love was my heart and my boyfriend was the knife. Mark stabbed me in the heart. He destroyed my love and left me just an empty shell. My best friend stabbed me in the back. That’s just the way it ends. When you have my funeral, I hope she shows up. I hope he reads this note. I want him to know what he did to me. I ask nothing more than that. I will miss you all. Love, Britney.”

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  • There are 5 morals of the stories.
    1. Don’t Meet Someone From A Dating Site.
    2. Don’t Commit Suicide Over A Cheating BoyFriend.
    3. Don’t Leave Your BestFriend Alone With Your BoyFriend.
    4. Don’t Date Him If You Don’t Know What Hes Like.
    5. Kill Your BoyFriend, Don’t Kill Yourself.

  • Ugh…I hate this thing they call “love.” You can’t trust anyone, and it’s foolish to think you can have a “best friend.” All anyone does is stab you in the back. Messed up dude, cause they kissed where they were sure she would see them. That fool should of had the balls to be upfront with her.

  • i would just get a rottweiler or something and open the gate and like “Sic ’em boy!”

  • Just because of one guy she had to end her life. Go up to him and slap him, and move on lol. No need for that kind of pain. Does she even know the reason behind all of that?? Oml *smh* 😬

  • but all these days mark loved britney….. what happened suddenly?

  • I’m sorry but this story pissed me off! Come on! There are plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t end your life over one guy!

  • Eh…don’t ever love someone too much, cuz hey end up leaving you or cheating on you… its so sad

  • Yay! First!
    And very sad story… What is WRONG with young ppl these days, all this cheating!

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