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Hairy Arms

Hairy Arms

Hairy Arms is an urban legend for Halloween about a young woman who is shopping at the mall when an old lady asks her for a lift home. This story is also known as “The Old Lady” or “The Hairy-Armed Hitchhiker”.

Hairy Arms

It was Halloween and a young woman was shopping at the mall. She had to pick up some candy and chocolate to hand out to the children in her neighborhood. After buying everything on her list, she paid for her purchases and carried the shopping bags out to the car park.

When she was loading her bags into the boot of her car, she noticed an old lady with a large shopping bag approaching her.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” said the old lady, “but I missed my bus. Would you be a darling and give me a lift home? My legs are tired and I’ve been walking all day.”

The young woman was in a good mood, so she said, “Of course, I’d be happy to. Hop in.”

She unlocked the door for the old lady and helped her into the passenger seat. Then, she walked around and got into the car herself. However, as she was about to drive way, the young woman noticed something that sent a chill down her spine.

The old lady had hairy arms.

Something about the sight of those hairy arms made her extremely uncomfortable. She picked up her purse and began searching through it.

“Oh no,” she said. “I can’t find my credit card. I must have left it in the mall. Can you wait her for a few minutes while I go back and see if anybody has found it?”

The old lady nodded.

The young woman returned to the mall and found a security guard. She told him about the old lady in her car. Together, they went back to the parking lot, but the young woman’s car was empty and the passenger door was standing wide open.

On the seat of the car was the large shopping bag that the old woman had been carrying. Inside, they found a huge butcher’s knife and a roll of duct tape.

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  • Such BS! I can’t believe this. Talk about discrimination, are we not aloud to have hairy arms anymore? R-U-D-E

  • Ok well she has some strong instincts… Btw @Riruru i totally agree with you, people can be so judgmental, at least in this case the hairy woman’s appearances weren’t misjudged…. but hey at least it’s just a story!

  • While I agree that that old lady (or possibly hairy-dude-disguised-as-old-lady)’s hairy arms are what saved the woman, this story is still illogical as f!!k. Just because someone has hairy arms, you automatically assume that they are dangerous? Maybe it’s because woman in my country do not shave their arms/ are NOT required to shave their arms (while most, if not all, shave their pubic hair), but suspecting someone just because they have hairy arms is incredibly stupid. This b!!!h is the kind of girl you will sleep at night with and she will murder you just cause you were snoring and she found “something about the sound you made made extremely uncomfortable”, “sent chills down her spine”.
    Then again, who am I kidding, right? Ghosts don’t have logic. Illogical people made them with their over-imaginative and over-hallucinative mind.

  • Wow. That was just stupid. Hairy arms? Really? That’s what made her decide the old lady was dangerous? Wow……..

  • The hairy armed woman, I mean old man woman thing could’ve done it, but I mean really, um… either wax your arms, or stop trying to murder people you insane mental patient… 6 out of 10 hairy armed old man woman things

  • I kinda assumed that it would be something like this when I saw the picture. Good story.

  • Cool story SFK!! That old man… I mean old man in an old woman disguise… has a cunning plan but he failed because of his hairy arms… Try to wax it, then try your plan again hahaha! BTW good story

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