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Baby and the Bear

Baby and the Bear

The Baby and the Bear is a scary urban legend about a family who visit a wildlife park and take pictures of their child with one of the bears. Obviously, it doesn’t go as well as they expected.

Baby and the Bear

There was a family who took a road trip around the United States. One day, they visited a national wildlife park and saw an enormous mother bear with her baby. The parents thought the bears were adorable and decided it might be fun to take a picture of their baby with the bear licking his face.

The mother took out a jar of honey and smeared it all over the baby’s head while the father got his camera to immortalize the moment. They threw some of rocks at the bear to get its attention. The bear started sniffing the scent of honey and quietly approached the baby.

The parents happily snapped pictures until the bear suddenly started mauling the baby and bit off its face. The bear ended up tearing the baby to shreds and swallowed them all.

The parents never got the pictures developed and the roll of film stayed in their closet forever.

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