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Boiled Brain

Boiled Brain

Boiled Brain is a scary urban legend about a teenage girl who tries to dry her hair in a microwave. Obviously, it doesn’t go as well as she expected.

Boiled Brain

There was a teenage girl who had a crush on a boy in her class. She kept dropping hints and when he eventually asked her out on a date, she was overjoyed.

On the evening of the big date, she went to the mall and bought some new clothes. Then, she spent over an hour in the bath getting ready. The girl was running seriously late and she still had to dry her hair and get dressed.

To save time, she ran down to the kitchen and jammed a knife in the door of the microwave to keep it open. Then, she stuck her head inside and set the microwave on “High”.

A few minutes later, when her new boyfriend arrived, he rang the doorbell, but there was no answer. He kept knocking on the front door, but the house remained silent. He called out the girl’s name, but there was still no answer.

Frustrated, the boy walked around to the back of the house and peered in the kitchen window. To his horror, he saw the girl lying dead on the kitchen floor.

He called the police and they came to take away her body. At the inquest, when the coroner opened her skull, he found her brains had been reduced to a grey mush. His verdict was that the girl had died due to a boiled brain.

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  • um… WTF!!!!!!!!!! i have a new ending for the story. here goes:
    girl: Ah! I am running late! i need to dry my hair. i guess i will use the microwave.
    *sticks head in, becomes zombie*
    boy: Im here.
    girl: *munches on boy*


  • @Bella boo My microwave doesn’t start until it’s closed too. If I open it while it’s on, the time stops and it shuts off. The question is, How did she get it to stay on?

  • Lol who would dry their hair in the microwave? Like she’s crazy. I would’ve just shooken out my hair and used a towel or went with wet hair. How stupid can someone be

  • Lol why on earth would you put your head in a microwave and how did it stay open my microwave doesn’t start unless it is closed

  • @dr. dead maybe because she is dumb and want to make the story make fun to read? Or maybe she didn’t have a hair dryer? Or, she is possessed by a demon! XD

  • Cool……..
    She was so very dumb……. Why couldnt she use a hair dryer??


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