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The Hairdo is an urban legend about a vain woman who styles her hair into a bun and never bothers to wash it. This story is also known as “The Fatal Hairdo” and “Spiders in the Hairdo”.


A few years ago, there was a middle-aged woman who was very vain and would always wear her hair up in a big bun. She was very proud of her hairdo and thought she was the most fashionable of all her friends. She had no idea that her hairstyle had gone out of fashion years before.

The woman was very lazy and didn’t like having to spend time cleaning and styling her hair. Instead, she just left her hair as it was and never took it down at all. In fact, she never even bothered to wash it. Whenever she took a shower, she would wear a shower cap to make sure the water didn’t mess up her hairstyle. At night, she would sleep with a towel wrapped around her hair to make sure nothing moved out of place.

After a while, her hair began to smell. To mask the odor, she just put hairspray on it. When her scalp started to feel itchy, she put more hairspray on it. Even though her head itched like crazy, all she did was apply more hairspray.

One morning, when she didn’t come down for breakfast, her husband went up to the bedroom to wake her up. To his horror, he discovered that his wife had died during the night.

At first, the police thought she must have had a heart attack in her sleep, because there wasn’t a mark on her body. However, when the coroner was conducting an autopsy, he couldn’t figure out what had killed her. Then, he examined her hair and found something horrendous.

A black window spider had made its nest in her hair and laid eggs. When the baby spiders hatched they had bitten through her skull and eaten into her brain.

scary for kids


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