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Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinner

Chicken Dinner is an old urban legend about a married couple who trust a babysitter to take care of their young son. Instead of being scary, it ends up being rather horrifying.

Chicken Dinner

One evening, a mother and father were invited to a party. They couldn’t get in contact with their usual babysitter, so they decided to ask their next door neighbor, an old lady, to take care of their six-month old baby son. The old woman said she would be delighted to help them out.

They told her they needed to leave by 8pm, but when the time came, the old woman had still not shown up. The husband gave her a phone call and asked her what was taking her so long.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, said the old woman. “I forgot all about it. I’ll come over right now.”

When the old woman came to the door, the mother and father were already making their way to the car. They gave the old woman instructions to put the baby to bed at 9pm and put a chicken in the oven so it would be cooked for the next day’s dinner.

While the couple were at the party, the mother decided to phone home and check on the babysitter. When the old woman answered the phone, the mother asked if she had put the baby to bed yet.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, said the old woman. “I forgot all about it. I’ll do it right now.”

“And have you put the chicken in the oven?” asked the mother.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, said the old woman again. “I forgot all about that too. I’ll do it right now.”

The mother just rolled her eyes and hung up the phone. She couldn’t really complain because the old lady was babysitting for free.

After the party, the mother and father drove home and when they opened the front door, the old lady was there to greet them. They thanked the old lady for taking care of their baby and she went home. The mother decided to go upstairs to check on the baby, but when she walked into the child’s bedroom, she was shocked to see an uncooked chicken lying in the crib.

Downstairs, the husband smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. He opened the oven and shouted upstairs to his wife “You won’t believe this, Honey! That forgetful old lady has gone and burned our chicken dinner!”

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  • WELL DAMN, what did she not feel the baby wiggling around in her arms or something? Seriously, she’d make a terrible grandmother.

  • Husbund: that cheap stinkey brat
    Wife: wait hold on story writer dont u think this story is too short?
    Husbund: the baby was a bad idea and the uncooked chicken looks like its way calmer than that baby!
    wife: all the baby does is piss and poo!
    Husbund: now whos a good chicken!!!

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