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Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Bus Driver Loses Mental Patients is a scary urban legend about a man who works for the local insane asylum and ends up accidentally allowing the inmates to escape. It is also known as “Bus Full of Mental Patients”.

Bus Driver

There was a bus driver who worked for the county hospital. One day, he was transporting 20 mental patients to the state insane asylum. On the way, he got thirsty and decided to stop for a few drinks at a bar.

When he got back to his bus, he was shocked to find it empty. The mental patients had somehow managed to get free and all of them had escaped. Worried that he would lose his job, the crafty bus driver came up with an idea.

He drove the bus down the road and pulled over at the first bus stop he found. He opened the doors and all of people waiting there got on the bus. The bus driver took them to the insane asylum and told the staff that these patients were especially violent and had to be restrained.

It took many months before the staff of the insane asylum realized their mistake. By that time, many of the people had actually gone insane. The real mental patients have still not been found.

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  • Imagine if this thing happened in your area and your neighborhood is full of mental patients..!

  • I read somewhere that mentioned, this is actually a true story. If it is true, it is actually very scary. Imagine being put into a mental asylum, no one will believe your words. Just like in Supernatural, where the patients complained that there is a ghost that kills people by sucking their bone marrow, well,no one believes them. Bottomline, mental patients got no right to speak out.

  • Poor people. They got crazy coz got to stay in the insane asylum. Who can be normal if you surround by crazy people & nurses who after you with hundred medecine every day? :(

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