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The tale of The Lincolns a scary story of mutants, horrors, curses, murder and mysterious deaths. It sounds like an unbelieveable story, but it is supposed to have actually happened over 100 years ago in West Virginia, USA. Is this a true story or an urban legend? Nobody knows for sure.

The Lincolns

In the 1890s, a family of odd-looking people moved into a small midwestern town in West Virginia. They called themselves The Lincolns. The entire family – father, mother, daughter and two sons – were squat and ugly with pallid, greenish skin, bulging eyes and wide, bulbous heads. Everyone who saw them thought they looked almost toad-like.

They were sullen and unfriendly, refusing to make friends with the townsfolk and keeping mostly to themselves. During the day, they stayed indoors, but at night, they would prowl around the town, lurking in the shadows and scaring the townsfolk.

Around 1900, one of the Lincoln sons attacked the daughter of a prominent local family and ended up killing the poor young girl. The townsfolk were so enraged and they didn’t wait for a trial. They decided to take the law into their own hands. An angry mob dragged the boy out to a lonely field and hung him by the neck from the high branches of a tree until he was dead.

At the girl’s funeral, the Lincoln family turned up seething with rage. The father put a curse on the town, and threw a worm at the dead girl’s parents, crying “Here is your doom!”

A little while later the dead girl’s father and mother were found dead under mysterious circumstances. Their bodies had been crushed to a pulp and they were covered with slime. Nobody could understand what had happened to them, but everyone suspected the Lincolns had something to do with it.

After that, some people claimed they saw the dead Lincoln boy around town. At night, there were many sightings of his ghostly apparition wandering the empty streets. Many people who saw him later went insane. There were rumors that the Lincoln boy wasn’t really dead at all.

A group of townsfolk went to the cemetery one night and were shocked to discover a trail of footprints leaving the Lincoln boy’s grave. When they dug it up and opened his coffin, they found that the boy’s corpse was gone.

The next day, the other members of the Lincoln family picked up and moved out of town. Nobody knew where they went.

For the next few years, however, the area suffered a succession of severe droughts, floods and tornadoes, almost as if the town had been cursed by the Lincolns.

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