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Buckley Family

The Buckley Family story is an urban myth about an old photo of two children who murdered their mother one Halloween. It is not a true story and the picture is not real.

Buckley Family

“This is the Buckley Family. The children’s names were Susan & John. As a Halloween joke, the kids in the neighborhood were going to get a dummy and pretend to chop its head off. The Buckley children thought it would be hilarious to actually kill their mother, so when the kids walked up the door they got an axe and slaughtered her. Once everyone figured out what they had done, they called the police, but the kids were long gone by then. The only picture of them was this photo, taken by a trick or treater. The mother’s body was found half eaten.”

This photograph has been posted on various sites on the Internet with the accompanying text, but it is not true. Here is the real story:

This image is actually called “Midwestern Matricide” and it is the work of Eddie Allen from Haunted Memories. He retouches old photos and gives them a horrifying twist. In this case, he took a normal photo of two children and their mother and made it look like they had murdered her. If you look at the original photograph below, you will see that the mother’s head is still on her shoulders and the daughter isn’t holding an axe.

Buckley Family


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