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Mexican Urban Legends

Mexican Urban Legends

Scary Mexican urban legends and myths to read online. From La Llorona and El Cucuy to La Lechuza and The Black Hand, these ghost stories have been part of Mexican folklore for hundreds of years.

Mexican Urban Legends

scary for kids


  • I know one that’s true but i don’t what the movie theater is called

    El cine

    There was a family that was excited to go to the movies they bought the tickets and went inside, the little girl wanted to go to the bathroom and her mom told her to make it quick, so instead she wandered around and found herself in the projecter room she was so excited she was walking around it examining it and tried her best to not bother the movie the best she could, the movie was halfway when she made a mistake, she touched where one of the legs were loose it fell on her head and she screamed the movie stopped and everyone was confused, the projecter was actually really heavy that it crushed her skull,now they say that if you walk into that theatre and you’re watching the movie look at where the projecter is in the middle of the movie and you will see her staring at the movie she never got to finish

  • Mexican urban legends are not scary honestly.My past still haunts me and believe me nobody knows truly who is actually aaron devilborn

  • I love these stories…. I always used to like legends…. I m happy to get such a great group of stories together…. Thanx sfk…. Good job keep posting….

  • I m sooo excited to read all of these!! I really should be studying for my cies… But i just love reading these scary stories!!… Turns out all these were old ones collected together one section…. Bummer… Still gonna read em all again

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