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Severed Hands

Severed Hands

The Severed Hands is a scary true ghost story about a haunted alley in Mexico where people are afraid to go because it is said to be haunted by two pairs of skeletal hands. It’s called “El Callejón de las Manitas” or “The Alley of the Hands”.

Severed Hands

Back in 1780, a Franciscan priest came to the city of San Luis Potosi in Mexico. He found work as a Latin teacher in one of the best schools of the time, and rented a house in one of the most desolate parts of the city, called Alfalfa.

To help him with his duties, he hired two teenage boys who lived in the area. One day, he went on a journey to visit several villages in the surrounding area and brought the boys with him. He was collecting donations for the church.

When they came home, the priest gave the boys orders to unsaddle the horses and put them into their stalls with hay and water. The two boys went about their work and when they were finished, they were hungry so they went home for dinner. Meanwhile, the priest was very tired and after saying his prayers, he went to bed early.

When it was night, the boys returned to the priest’s house. When they went inside, they were horrified by what they found. The priest was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He had been murdered.

The boys fled in terror and ran through the streets, shouting for help. People gathered at the house and someone had the presence of mind to alert the soldiers and doctors in the nearby military hospital. They confirmed that what the boys were saying was true. The priest had been brutally murdered.

The city authorities immediately took on the task of investigating what happened to the poor man. They searched every corner of the city and surrounding towns, looking for suspects. They arrested several people, but without any evidence against them, they were released.

One official at the police station was suspicious of the two boys and had them arrested. He placed them in separate rooms at the Military Hospital abnd began a harsh interrogation. Under such intense pressure, the boys started blaming each other.

The younger boy said that the older one had killed the priest to steal the money he had collected from the villages. The authorities took the boys back to the priest’s house where they recovered the money and the murder weapon, a bloody dagger.

The boys were put on trial and found guilty. The judge sentanced them to be executed. They were hung by the neck until they were dead and then their hands were cut off.

The severed hands of of the two teenage boys were hung on the wall in the gloomy alley outside the priest’s house as a warning to others. Ever since then, the sad and lonely alleyway has been known as The Alley of the Hands. People were afraid to pass through it. Whenever they had to go down this alley, they made the sign of the cross and said a prayer. They didn’t stop praying until they came out on the other side.

After a while, the severed hands were taken down and buried, but a few days later, they were back hanging on the wall. Whenever anyone tried to remove them, they would just keep reappearing on the wall. This went on for years until the district was renovated and the alley was demolished and turned into a wide street.

However, they say that if you go to the place where the gloomy alley once stood, on some nights in November, you will see the skeletal hands floating above you. You also might catch a glimpse of the ghost of the priest dissapearing around the corner.

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  • Waiiit, the people are quite stupid. I mean, why would the boys tell other people that the priest had been murdered if they themselves had murdered him?

  • There are a lot of stories about hands in Mexico; I had a friend who saw a whole arm just floating there. I read a story about a stepmother who hated her stepdaughter and locked her in the cellar without food. She was able to reach up through a grate in the street and put her hand through to beg for food, but it scared people and no one went near her. She starved to death, but some people still see her hand reaching out of the grate. That story is really sad.

  • Um… I agree with @Purplegirlhorrorfan… How can the boys hanged to death without proper investigation. .??? Nice story indeed….. But why there was a need to cut the boys hands..? It’s so weird…..

  • That’s so sad, how they were executed even though they were innocent… 5.5 out of 10 hands

  • Wow I was gone for 2 days and come back and there are like 10 new stories for me to read :)

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