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Phantom of the Park

Phantom of the Park

The Phantom of the Park is a scary urban legend that comes from Mexico. It’s about a park that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who causes health problems and even death to those who have the misfortune to come into contact with her.

Phantom of the Park

In the small city of Jaral del Progreso in Mexico, there is a beautiful park called the Benito Juárez park. It is one of the attractions of the city, but it is built near the remains of an old, forgotten cemetery and there are some who say it is haunted.

The city wanted to improve the park, so they placed nice benches and seats so that people could enjoy the scenery. They say that disturbed the spirits of the dead and unleashed a deadly curse.

Every night, the benches were vandalized and nobody knew who was causing the damage. To protect the park benches against vandals, the city hired a security guard to patrol the grounds at night.

One night, when the security guard was on duty, everything seemed normal until midnight, when a dense fog emerged and spread out across the park and a cold wind began to blow. The guard heard the cries of a woman. They seemed to be coming from the other side of the park.

He saw a shadowy figure lurking near the park benches. It looked like an old woman in a long white dress. Believing that she was up to no good, the guard followed her and saw her breaking and damaging park the benches.

When he got closer, he was horrified to see that she had no legs and she was floating above the ground. All of a sudden, the woman attacked him and began to beat him fiercely. he managed to escape and, in the morning, still trembling, he told his boss what he had seen.

Soon afterwards, the man was suddenly struck down with a mysterious illness. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and, a few days later, he died.

The city decided to hire another security guard to replace him. The same thing happened to him. One night, when the new guard was on patrol, he was confronted by a ghostly old woman. She rushed at him and began beating him furiously.

Within days, the terrified man became seriously ill, but unlike the previous watchman, he managed to survive and eventually recovered. The doctors still couldn’t explain what the mysterious illness was or what had caused it. All they knew was that it was the same as the disease that killed the previous watchman.

City officials tried to hush it up and keep it out of the newspapers, but eventually, word got around and no one was willing to stand guard at the park at night. The benches were still being vandalized and the city just had to put up with it and keep repairing the damage.

Ever since then, nobody goes near the Benito Juárez at night. They call the ghost “The Phantom of the Park” and they say that if you come in contact with the ghost of the old woman, you will be afflicted by a sudden illness that could end up causing your death.

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