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Seventh Son

Seventh Son

The Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is a scary urban legend that comes from Mexico. It’s about a young boy who has occult powers and is feared by everyone in his village.

Seventh Son

In a secluded rural area near Toledo, Mexico there was a small village where one of the most tales of terror ever told took place. This is the story of a child called Federico, who lived in Mexico in the 19th century.

Federico was the seventh son of his family. In fact he was the seventh son of a seventh son. Everybody in the village knew that the child was endowed with occult powers. They say he had the gift of second sight and was able to predict the future. He also had healing hands and was able to cure anyone of any ailment.

The boy was quiet and shy, but all the other kids treated him like he was a monster. The villagers were terrified of him and refused to have anything to do with him.

One dark night, the elders of the village got together and held a meeting. They discussed what should be done about the boy. They decided that he was so dangerous that they had to get rid of him. They made a pact to murder him and destroy his body because they believed this was the only way they could keep the village safe.

These men persuaded the boy to come with them and led him to an abandoned and remote shack in the woods. There, when his back was turned, they pounced on him and boumnd him hand and foot. In a satanic ritual, they stripped him of his clothes, hung him from the roof and lowered his body into a huge vat of boiling oil. Then, while he was still alive and screaming in pain, they gouged out his eyes and hacked his body to pieces. They put the chunks of flesh and bone in a wooden barrel and dumped it in the river. The men returned home that night, satisfied that they had accomplished their task.

The next day when some villagers went to visit the house of one of the elders, they knocked on the door but received no reply. They decided to enter and what they found inside almost made the blood freeze in their veins.

The old man lay dead on the ground. His eyeballs were resting on his chest and his head had been crushed beyond recognition. His hands and feet had also been chopped off. There was a macabre message written on the ground in his blood. It read:

“Innocent blood has been spilt. Now the guilty must die.”

After that, all of the elders who had participated in the brutal murder began turning up dead, their bodies hideously mutilated and dismembered.

When the gruesome and bloody remains of the last man were discovered, the villagers found another message written in his blood. It read:

“Now I have been avenged. The guilty have paid their debt.”

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  • He had all the powers which could be use for mankind..why did they think that the boy is gonna harm them…well the guilty have paid their debts..!!
    Good story…!!!

  • He was healing the sick and fortold of misfortune to come so that the villagers could prepare for it! How is that evil?!

  • I agree with @Purplegirlthehorrorfan….. was there any sort of proof that the boy was dangerous in any sense?
    The boy was god gifted and could be useful for curing diseases.. the village people should’nt had kill the boy….

  • Was there any proof that he was dangerous? NOPE. Does a person that has hands that can cure anything sound like he may be dangerous? NOPE. Should we kill him? YUP. Why should we kill him? oh, just because we are a bunch of paranoid idiots. And because we needed a sacrifice for the satanic ritual. I mean, seriously, he was shy and quiet, and had powers that sounded helpful. How does he pose a threat to the village? They are paranoid…7 out of 10 powers…

  • He couldn’t predict the future, because he never really had powers. The people who planned his murder were just paranoid because he was the seventh son.

  • “They say he had the gift of second sight and was able to predict the future”
    Then why couldn’t be able to predict the evil plan against him?

  • the child was endowed with occult powers. They say he had the gift of second sight and was able to predict the future. He also had healing hands and was able to cure anyone of any ailment.

    Sound like Jesus lol

  • Nice story. Those people were horrible for killing that boy. They had no way of knowing if he was dangerous or not. In fact, it sounded like his powers would do good, not evil! But still, good story and I like how he stops killing after he gets his revenge.

    9 out of 10 gouged eyes!

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