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La Bruja

La Bruja

La Bruja is a creepypasta story about a Mexican witch who kidnaps children.

La Bruja

My mother told me this story once, and my grandmother told me that she lived through it. In the early 1960s, there was a small town in Mexico where a lot of babies just happened to be born around the same time.

It is said that there was a woman who haunted the town. She was not a ghost. She was one of the 200 people that lived in the town at the time. People say that she was a witch, a worshipper of the devil. And many people said that she would go out into the fields in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. Some local farmers claimed that they would see her whenever they would go outside to check on their animals because their animals would make a lot of noise whenever she passed by. They could never tell who it was because it was always pitch-black and they couldn’t see a thing. It was a poor town with a couple of streetlights.

People weren’t so worried about her for a while because they saw that she did no harm to them. Until, something terrible happened.

One night, a married couple slept with their baby between them. They were so poor that they couldn’t afford a mattress, and had a carpet as their bed. The parents did not sleep too close to their baby because they were afraid that they would accidently roll over and hurt their child. The mother and father were deep into their sleep, until the mother heard the baby cry terribly. It shrieked a blood-curdling scream, loud enough to wake up my grandmother and grandfather who lived next to them. The baby cried and the mother woke up and tried to put him back to sleep. Whenever she went to sleep again, she heard the baby cry once more. She woke up again and did the same as before. This went on for about two more times. The mother became angry and impatient with her baby, because she was really tired. The father was asleep and would not wake up no matter how many times his baby cried. The fifth time that the baby cried, his mother ignored it.

The baby cried for another couple of minutes. The mother continued to ignore her baby until she subconsciously heard someone walking outside. She heard the door squeak open slowly. Then it shut loudly. The door was made of thick metal, so the loud sound terrified her and finally woke her and her husband up as well. When she looked for her baby, she saw that he was quiet and thought that he was sleeping. The mother asked her husband why he wouldn’t wake up before, he said that he never heard anything. When the mother went to hold her baby, she saw that he was cold. She kissed her baby to try and wake him up, but he wouldn’t. The baby was dead.

When she took off his blanket, she saw that his stomach and arms had scratch marks. Someone was hurting her child while he was sleeping.

Then her husband cried, “La bruja! La bruja lo mato! Mato a mi hijo! (The witch! The witch killed him! She killed my son!)”

The mother swore that she heard a woman giggling.

After that, many parents held their children close to them whenever they slept. Sometimes, children would cry in the middle of the night out of nowhere and their mothers would begin to pray. The children, who could speak, said that they would feel someone grabbing them. The witch would leave after.

It wasn’t until years later that two children died, a brother and a sister; except, it was in a river in the town. One man swore that he saw a woman pushing the boy and girl’s head into the water and laughing when she did so. He yelled at her to leave them alone, and ran to stop her. She kept laughing at him and was singing as he ran towards her. But when he almost reached her, she was gone and the boy and girl’s bodies were floating on the water.

People began to suspect women who could be the witch. But coincidentally, many people left the town around that time to move to other places. She could have been one of them.

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