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Monterrey House

Monterrey House

Monterrey House is a scary urban legend about a haunted house in Mexico and the horrible murders that occurred there.

Monterrey House

There is a haunted house in Monterrey, Mexico that locals call La Casa de Aramberri or The House of Aramberri. It has been visited many times by paranormal investigators and they say that the souls of two women who were brutally murdered there can never rest in peace.

Today, House of Aramberri is very dilapidated and neglected, but many years ago, it was the home of the richest families in Monterrey. In 1933, a man lived there with his wife, Florinda and their daughter, Antonieta. Little did the happy family know that the house would soon become the scene of a horrible and vicious crime which was caused by human greed.

One morning, the father of the family went to work, leaving his wife and daughter alone in the house. Soon afterwards, three men broke in and attacked the two women. The burglars thought there was a large chest full of silver coins that was hidden in the house and they demanded to know the location. These men tortured the wife and daughter in the dining room and eventually killed them.

When the bodies were found, they say it was one of the most horrific, bloody and cruel crimes ever seen in the area. The housewife and her daughter had been almost completely decapitated. Their heads were hanging on by a thread. The people of Monterrey were shaken and apalled by the brutal murder.

The police were faced with a very difficult investigation because there was no sign that the front doors had been forced and as there were no witnesses to the crime apart from the family pet.

However, the family pet was a parrot and it proved to be instrumental in capturing the murderers. While the police were examining the house, the pet parrot began screeching in Spanish, “No me mates, Gabriel! No me mates, Gabriel!” which means “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”

They realized that the parrot was repeating the last words of its owner. The police then questioned the father and found out that his nephew’s name was Gabriel. They arrested the nephew and under questioning, he confessed to killing the two women. He told police that he had planned the robbery along with two brothers who owned a nearby butcher’s shop.

The three murderers were arrested by the police who gave them a special brand of justice that was sometimes applied in Mexico many years ago. They called it the “The Law of Flight” or “The Law of Escape”. The police drove the three criminals out into the desert, then allowed them to escape and shot them in the back as they fled. Their bodies were transported back to Monterrey and put on display so that all the people in the area could see.

Ever since that time, this Monterrey house has been plagued by many supernatural events. Many people reported seeing the ghosts of the two murdered women lurking in the dining room. Others said that, at night, they could often hear the terrible cries of the mother and daughter pleading with their murderers and screaming, “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”

The main bedroom of the house contains a portrait of the mother and they say that her face changes and becomes completely disfigured. According to witnesses, a terrible tension can be felt in the house and, until you leave, you will be followed by the strong smell of sulfur.

According to the legend, those who have heard the screams of the two unfortunate women who lost their lives in this place, say that their souls will never rest in peace.

The story of the House of Aramberri has become famous throughout Mexico over the years anmd recently, the case got even more attention when a couple of reporters visited the house. They were looking for evidence of a haunting and when they left, the reporters were involved in a serious car accident. When recordings they had made were later reviewed, they could clearly hear distant cries and hollow moans on the tape.

The house had to be closed to the public because teenagers would often break in and trespass, hoping to witness some supernatural event. The authorities erected a big wire fence across the front of the house, but the interior is still visible from the street. Locals say that if you walk past the house at night, you can hear the cries of the souls who are in pai, and sometimes, if you look in the windows, you can catch a glimpse of the shadowy figures of the ghostly tenants who may never leave.

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  • I feel very sorry to hear that the family members are killed a greed…. its very sick! The one funny thing I got to know in this story is the “Law of flight”…. I mean the prisoners are left in deserts and then are shot from behind on their back? I mean why there is a need to that? why cant they hang them or jail them for 14-15 years…? Is there is a need to do all things indirectly? I found it a bit funny….

  • …How could you kill your own family, that’s sick

  • @Jeb, I think your story is good. I do feel that it needs some more info. Like a longer ending, what happens after it goes black. This is coming from someone who helps her friends edit their stories and writes some, too. Just add a little more.

  • Haunted houses are always freaky, even if it is just a story of something at disney world. scary creepy spooky freaky and a bunch of other things.

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  • @Thehauntedstoryteller
    They rlly shudnt stop cuz this is where scaryforkids gets most of their stories(btw I feel Lik scaryforkids is a girl…..) now an if they stopped then she wudnt hav any other stories to post. Sooooooo bottom line:
    DONT STOP!!!!!!!
    Luv ya guys=o) <3

  • GUYS PLEASE STOP SPAMMING. sorry but please.

    btw this story freaky o.O

  • Since this was a true story, I want to share mine too. It’s a story about a haunted house here in Philippines. Many calls it ‘Bahay na Pula’ or simply RED HOUSE. It’s located in San Ildefonso, Bulacan – Philippines.

    The last time my family and I passed by from Cavite to Nueva Ecija to visit our relatives, we always see this old, eerie red-orange house in San Ildefonso, Bulacan. It’s kind of popular here in our country since it was located in the national highway.

    Infamously known as the Ilusorio Mansion, is one of those houses taken by the Japanese Army. It was used as a garrison where Japanese soldiers reputedly massacred guerilla soldiers and rape the women of Bulacan.

    Last weekend, on the way home from an overnight stay at the Mimosa Leisure Park, I suggested making a detour. Instead of going straight home, why not exit the express way at Pulilan, Bulacan and drive on to San Ildefonso? It’s been years since I’ve been there, missed the rows of stores selling pastillas. And so, we went. It was a long drive. San Miguel is the last town of Bulacan before crossing the boundary of Nueva Ecija, and right before San Miguel is San Ildefonso. As soon as we entered San Ildefonso, I started to get really excited. It was my sister who saw the house first. Yes, IT is still standing.

    Not only were the trees around the house in full bloom…

    There was also a Monobloc chair in front of the house….

    Imagine the suspense… after years and years of hearing the story about the haunted house, this was all we got to show for it.

    And that’s not even the worst part.

    There were no rows and rows of pastillas stores in San Miguel. There were a few stores named Sevilla’s, apparently named to take advantage of the name of the most famous pastillas maker in the country. They weren’t even selling pastillas by Sevilla’s but a hodge podge of pastries from different food manufacturers. These stores were just reselling. What the heck happened to the pastillas industry in San Miguel, I do not know. The numerous stores we passed by were selling powdered laundry detergent. But, being me, giving up is a hard thing to do. Speedy was not in a good mood anymore but I said just go on straight, we’d find them. A snippet of conversation:

    “They should be around here,” I said, “small quaint stores constructed in front of houses where the pastillas are made… Old women — grannies — minding the stores…”

    My sister answered in a half-amused, half-exasperated tone, “How old were you then? Those grannies would all be dead by now.”

    Ummm… well, true. Okay, so I didn’t object when he said, “Can we turn back now?”

    Well, that was a crappy story but it’s true that this house is really haunted.

    The carnage that took place in the house during the Japanese occupation has inspired tales about restless souls seeking justice and revenge. One of the chilling stories is said to occur on nights when the wind soughs under the starless sky. The locals say they would hear screams and cries for help from the abandoned house.

    I remember an Ovaltine commercial was shoot in this house and my mother would always talk about seeing it during our travels. Also, there were some ghost movies shoot in this “haunted house”.

    (Just want to share and hopefully, it can be posted here. Thanks for reading!)

  • Ahh that’s very awful, that house sounds very dangerous….If I was the owner, I would rather call a priest and bless the place and then demolish it xD I hope GAC would investigate in there :))

  • That’s a wonderful story, Jeb!!! Scares me because I walk to school! It’s very original, and I enjoyed reading it! Good job!

  • Hey guys and gals who roam the “scaryforkids” website. submitted through the comments for your approval, my attempts at a scary story. I give too you- Behind:

    I know it’s behind me. I could feel it ever since I left the house. It’s been behind me ever since I locked the door. I remember briefly seeing its reflection when I closed the glass door. A dark figure, standing… watching me. When I looked back, nothing stood there. I was alone. As I left, I could hear footsteps behind me… always behind me. Am I alone? When I turn, I only catch the faintest glimpse of it. Perhaps is just a stray hair or the strap on my backpack, but it feels much more foul. Everything about this walk to school felt wrong, from the weight of my bag, to the darkened sky and the 40 MPH winds. The wind howled in my ear, oh god the terrible wind! Each burst brought forth a wave of terrible cold. Nothing feels right. Nothing. I turn again, hoping to see it. Nothing is there. I continue my journey, but I see a figure dart to a tree, or so I thought. I wasn’t sure of anything. The discomfort I felt made me decide that this was my chance to run home, to hide, to find some way out, but when I turn again, I see him, so far back, his limbs inhumanely long. He was tall and thin, wearing a black suit. I could not see his face. He was just walking. Just walking… what I’ve seen before must have just been my hair. He must have just come from one of the houses on my side. He must be going to his car. That must be it. The streets were empty besides him and me. He wouldn’t be meeting anyone out here. This wasn’t the city, just a small town, so he most likely wasn’t a mugger or a kidnapper. He must be going to his car… that must be it. Even so, I quicken my pace, still hearing the footsteps behind me. They sounded too close. I turn and see the man is closer. We were a few houses away from where I first saw him. He wasn’t walking to his car. The distance had been about 8 houses apart. Now we were only 6. I turn back and quicken my pace. All I had to do was reach the cross walk about a quarter mile away. There are always people there. From there, it’s less than a tenth of a mile to the school. Safety… I continue forward, but the footsteps continue. I turn again. 5. I am nearly running now. The footsteps continue, even closure then before. I look in a panic. 4. I continue running. The pressure is too terrible, I look back to see where he is. 3. I’m only an eighth of a mile away. I turn again, hoping to have put some distance between us. 2. I’m almost there. I trip over a stick and land on the sidewalk. Looking through the crook of my arm, I see the suited man is only a house away. I still can’t make out his feature. I stand and run. I’m only an arm away from being in other people’s sight. I turn one last time, expecting to see him. There is nothing. I’ve won. Somehow I’ve gotten away. Breathing heavily, I turn to finish my story. I walk into a wall of black.
    The end.
    Might I ask your thoughts on this?

  • FIRST! No, Im not sharing my cookie haha! very nice story, i shat brix when i read it

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