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Annie’s Road

Annie’s Road

Annie’s Road is a scary urban legend from New Jersey about a girl whose ghost haunts the road on which she was killed.

Annie's Road

Annie’s Road is an old country road in New Jersey that winds along the Passaic river, past Laurel Hill Cemetery. The road is quite dangerous because it has several sharp turns and is not well lit. Over the years, there have been a large number of accidents and deaths along this road.

Many drivers who pass along Annie’s Road at night claim they have seen the ghostly apparition of a young woman walking along the road. Those who have seen her fleeting image describe her as being short in stature and dressed all in white.

According to the legend, a young woman named Annie lived in the area in the 1960s. On her prom night, she was standing at the edge of the road, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. When he eventually arrived over an hour late, they got into an argument. Annie got out of the car, slammed the door behind her and stormed off.

She walked home alone, but along the way, she was picked up by a bunch of drunken sailors who happened to be driving by. They lured her into their car, then abused her horribly and murdered her. Afterwards, they dumped her body on the road and drove off into the night.

As the story goes, this terrible and violent end to Annie’s life meant that her ghost was doomed to haunt the lonely road for all eternity. She is said to walk the road every night and every year, on the anniversary of her death, she causes another accident.

The numerous car accidents on this road are attributed to Annie’s ghost. Allegedly she appears as a hitchhiker and if you pick her up she will cause you to lose control of your vehicle. One theory is that people swerve to avoid her ghost or lose control of their cars after seeing her. Others think she may possess the drivers and force them off the road.

According to the legend, if you want to see Annie’s Ghost, you should drive down the road at midnight, with your headlights off while playing “oldies” music on the radio. If you look in your rearview mirror, you will see her.

To this day, people claim that there is a blood red stain on Annie’s Road that supposedly marks the spot where she died. Others say that there is a guardrail by the side of the road where she died, that is said to be painted red. Apparently, her deranged father returns to paint it on the anniversary of her death every year and lingers there to catch one last glimpse of his daughter.

Annie is said to be buried in the cemetery along this road and people have often reported seeing odd flickering lights moving around the graves and tombstones.

There have been a number of fatal car accidents on Annie’s Road. One in the late 1990s involved a car full of high school students whose car, for no reason, just went off the road and crashed into a ditch. They all died on impact. On another occasion, three girls hit a tree while doing 70 mph. Police believe they were being chased by something. One local resident was even run over by a teenage girl who was trying to get away from the ghost.

“Late one night, I was driving down what’s known as Annie’s road. It was dark and there was a lot of fog on the road. Now, I’ve never bought into all these ghost stories you hear about, but when I came around the sharp bend, I saw something that terrified me. Standing smack dab in the middle of the road was a young woman in a white dress. She had her back to me and was just standing there, not moving a muscle. The dress was billowing out around her even though there was no wind. It was weird. Suddenly, all the stories I had heard came flooding back to me. It was Annie. I was positive. I floored the accelerator and ploughed straight through her as if she was mist. I didn’t even look back. I didn’t want to see her face.”

Perhaps the strangest thing connected to Annie’s Road was the terrible crime they called The Hail Mary Murders. In 1994 a local teenager was murdered by his friends who were obsessed with Annie’s ghost. The group of six boys were fixated on the legend and spent their nights driving up and down Annie’s Road, before ending up at the cemetery where they thought she was buried. One day, they were parked in the cemetery when, all of a sudden, the other five boys began to recite the Hail Mary. The teenager had no idea why his friends were praying.
Just then, one of the boys in the back seat took out an electrical cord and wrapped it around the teenagers neck. He strangled the victim from behind, putting his feet on the headrest. The teenager didn’t have a chance and the other boys continued to recite the Hail Mary for 10 minutes, until the teenager was finally dead. After the murder, the evil boys attempted to cover up their horrific crime by setting the car on fire and causing an explosion. However, it didn’t work and the police caught them. They were arrested, put on trial and convicted of murder.

WARNING: Due to the number of accidents, murders and disturbances along Annie’s Road, the police patrol the neighborhood at night and arrest anyone who is caught breaking the law. You should always respect the privacy, property and peace of the residents living near this road.

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  • Well, that’s great. It’s nice to know that there’s a haunted place in the same state as me.

  • Scary I think it’s her BF’s fault for letting her go like that he should have said sorry or just follow her to make sure she is safe

  • There’s another story from NJ but you might want to post it in the haunted hotels part of this site.
    In the 30’s, in Flemington, NJ The union hotel was dubbed “the trail of the century .” When Bruno Hauptmann was accused of the kidnapping and murder of famous american Aviator Charles Lindbergh’s infant son and tried at the courthouse across the street form the hotel. The hotel No longer accepts visitors; it’s now a restaurant. All of the floors besides the first have been sealed but the present workers say some of the guest never checked out.

    A former manager of the hotel said that one night a bouncer was locking the front doors then returned to the bar. a few of the staff was were sitting around having a drink when the locked doors flung open and a cold wind swept past them. When the bouncer went bcd to close the door he saw a pair of disembodied pair of children shoes walking up the stairway. He freaked out ran across the street and call his co-workers on the phone telling them to get out.

    A waitress was carrying a register drawer upstairs. When she reached the top of the staircase, she hear an unearthly humming of a lullaby. She dropped the drawer full of money; ran down the stairs and never came back.

    Before the upper levels of the hotel were sealed off, the manager’s office was on the second floor, is haunted as well. One time at about three O’clock in the morning the manger felt another presence in the room with her. She felt someone pushing on her chest making it hard to breathe. She asked it to go away and it was gone.

    Another former employee talked about his experienced there:
    “it was nearly midnight and the dining room had been closed for at least two hours when a waiter came into the bar and asked, ‘who’s that kid playing in the dining room?’ He asked. The waiter told the rest of this that he had ten a girl eight or ten years of age, running back and forth in the dining room. He said she had long black hair and a fancy dress ‘I Know I saw a girl’ he said then a one of the regulars said”You’ve seen a ghost.”
    New owners are think of restoring it to it’s original elegance and reopen it to the public once more. There’s been no word yet from the ghostly tenants as to wether this plan meets their approval or if they would prefer the union hotel as it is…cold, dark, and empty,

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